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Rumour: Super Smash Bros Switch Could Feature Ice Climbers, Simon Belmont And Ridley

The Reddit user that stated that Retro Studios is working on Star Fox Grand Prix for the Nintendo Switch is back and this time he has Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch information to share.ย DasVergeben says we should expect the Ice Climbers, Simon Belmont and also Ridley to appear in the upcoming game for Nintendo’s latest platform. Of course, this is all rumour territory at present. We shall find out for sure at E3 2018 next month in L.A.

“I know for sure and from one of my most credible and proven sources (the one who told me about Metroid Prime 4 being developed by Bandai Namco before anyone else said or knew anything about that) is that Ridley is a newcomer, the game is in-fact a sequel, but there will be assets being reused to some extent(s).”

“From a different source that I have also known to get things right in the short time that I have known them, there will be the return of Ice Climbers and a new Konami rep…. Simon Belmont. They say that they know that Ridley will be revealed at E3. I was even told by them that everyone is coming back from Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. That includes all of the guests. But it otherwise will be a new game. Which I found interesting there will in-fact be no cuts.”


88 thoughts on “Rumour: Super Smash Bros Switch Could Feature Ice Climbers, Simon Belmont And Ridley”

    1. Ice climbers are cool but will the game be available to purchase on the Nintendo switch eshop?

        1. Hope E3 says the actual release date for it cause I want to pre purchase smash on the Nintendo switch eshop since I got money for it and the online service subscription

  1. Ice Climbers: totally understandable and sounds possible.
    Simon Belmont: kind of unexpected and have trouble seeing such character.
    Ridley: completely absurd, lost all credibility in one word.

    1. The Only way Ridley would realistically be playable is if an idea I had years ago comes to be, and that is, Playable Boss Characters in the “Boss Battle” mode.

      1. Because the owners of him haven’t cared about Castlevania for YEARS. To the point that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night might be the best we can hope for, for a very, VERY, long time.

        Ridley is even less believable unless they scaled him down or used one of his smaller Other M forms.

        1. I’m okay with either option. If scaling down is out of the question for whatever reason, they could use Lizard Ridley with his Final Smash being his dragon form. And so Furby Ridley isn’t left out, he could appear as a trophy that screams which summons Space Pirates to the field. And there we go. All 3 forms of Ridley get in: trophy, playable character, Final Smash. Of course, people that hate everything about Other M will despise this alternative.

    1. I voted for Ridley in the ballot because I called BS on it. Besides that he didn’t say he couldn’t fit. He said if he shrunk him down he wouldn’t be able to fly around freely. Now play Samus Returns and you see he can engage in more ground based combat so yes it is possible we called Sakurai out and won.

  2. I don’t even understand why it’s even a question whether the ice climbers are gonna be in the game or not. The ONLY reason they weren’t in Smash 4 was because of the 3DS. The Ice Climber are part of the og crew, so there’s no way they would leave them out unless they had to.

    1. Believe it or not some people have thrown this conspiracy that 8 Player Smash killed the Ice Climbers……… even though Sakurai obviously planned 8 Player Smash around them anyway.

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  6. Probably the only rumor from this person that I would love to be true. Hell! I’ll gladly take Simon Belmont if it means getting the Ice Climbers back & finally being able to play as fucking Ridley. But with Sakurai still being part of the development of Smash Bros, I don’t have any expectations of Ridley being playable. Waddle Dee has a much higher chance of getting in than Ridley with Sakurai in charge. If he does get in, I’m preordering Smash for Switch first chance I get.

    Oh & one last thing… Ridley for 5mash!

    1. Chain grabbing is no longer a thing so Melee or Brawl Ice Climber mains will need to change up their playstyles.

  7. Ridley’ll make it info sure this time, but as the small Little Birdie form from Other M; everyone’s favourite game of the series.

  8. I know this is a rumor, but…

    Ice Climbers: I’m okay with this.
    Ridley: I use to not like Ridley, but a lot of people seem to want him. Not only would we get another villain, but we would get a Metroid character that’s not Samus nor a version of Samus.
    Simon Belmont: Yes please. Especially if Megaman returns. Me wanting to complete the captain N trio was just an excuse to put Megaman in Smash bros, but we’ve got a Megaman in a Smash bros now. Never the less, I would still welcome Simon in smash.

  9. I hope this rumor is true because it’s the best rumor I have heard in a while. Of course, I will have medium expectations so that it doesn’t hit me hard if this turn out to be false.

    Please Nintendo, put more metroid characters in Smash Switch.

  10. Wouldn’t mind but seems odd… Please don’t put crappy cloud back in or snake :( … Just Ninty and others from actual games on Ninty consoles

                        1. Nathan Drake & Master Chief are characters exclusive to Sony & Microsoft and their respective consoles. They have no more a chance of getting into Smash than Link & Mario have in getting into PlayStation All-Stars. Now if Nintendo ever goes 3rd party or if Sony & Microsoft ever go 3rd party, then, and only then, will they have a chance in hell of getting into each other’s respective all-star fighting games.

        1. Actually, it doesn’t matter what Sakurai says at this point.

          Smash has evolved well beyond him, and almost any idea could work, if handled properly.

      1. The dude who reported this is notorious for being wrong. He claimed that MvC:I would get several guest characters that never happened, as well as the same for Street Fighter V. The only thing he’s gotten right was the new character in Soul Caliber 6. He also reported that DMC5 would be revealed at PSX, which never happened, then claimed it was being moved to E3. (which, as some people know, Sony is only focusing on 4 previously announced games and that’s it)

        I love this site for various reasons, but please stop reporting every single rumor that is announced especially when it comes from schmucks like this.

        1. Would love me some K. Rool.

          On the not at all likely, but I am selfish side:

          Tom Nook (wasted as citizen’s ult)
          Arhur/Firebrand/Maximo (GnG series)
          Vic Viper (No, I have no idea how that would work.)
          Psycho Mantis

      2. lmaoing at the comments
        it should be nothing new over the fact Sakurai tends to change philosophies to include more content and elements into the newer entries
        also “Sylux over Ridley”
        there are plenty of other villainous all-stars that didn’t get in (yet) and they didn’t resort to any far less notable alternatives
        and im a Sylux guy (triplewire bombs ftw)
        there are more people that want or okay with the idea of Ridley being playable…
        …than the cruddy bum hicks regurgitating opinions from a director or making up excuses like they do with western guest characters

      3. It’s going to be a port, like the Wii versaion became the WiiU and 3DS version. This will just be an enhanced port. They won’t call it that. But it’s like majoras mask technically yes it is a new games then ocarina of time. But it uses all that already made material. Same here. It’s not going to be making much from scratch. I really really doubt it. Not enough time honestly

      4. This is the first time that I felt the least bit interested in this Smash Bros. game. You know, hearing that it’s a sequel. However, I’m just going to hate it again if they don’t include more single-player modes. Such as a story mode. That’s what killed the Wii U and 3DS versions.

      5. Um, there are mods of Ridley in Smash, so it isn’t too farfetched a concept.

        As for the Ice Climbers, that had BETTER be more than just a rumor.

        But if Simon gets in, Snake HAS to return.

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      9. Everybody who says Ridley is too big play Samus Returns. He can fight in Smash Bros. Enough of that garbage. You CAN’T invent a rule for Ridley and then emit it for Bowser, Charizard and Olimar. If Ridley is too big then Bowser and Charizard are as well and Olimar is too small.

        1. Bowser’s been varying sizes in the franchise. Charizard is actually only 5’7 so he’s actually smaller than Ganondorf. The only one I agree with is Olimar since he needed to be scaled up or else he wouldn’t be much bigger than his Pikmin, thus not being a threat. Of course, some will say Olimar is a special case when it comes to resizing which is the epitome of a double standard if you ask me. *shrug* Whatever, though. I’ll be disappointed if Ridley doesn’t get in again but I’ll still most likely end up buying Smash regardless. Of course, if the opposite happens & Ridley does get in, well I expect Smash articles to turn into Star Wars articles after The Last Jedi released.

          1. I’ll tell you Kalas, if Wii Fit Trainer can get in anybody can. It boggles my mind that people give that decision a free pass just because Wii Fit sold like crazy. Sure Wii Fit is a point in Nintendo’s history but is selling that well seriously enough to justify her inclusion above Ridley or Dixie when the people playing Wii Fit weren’t Smash Bros fans and never intended to be fans.

            People seem to forget Sakurai has done this kind of thing before. He said Animal Crossing and Miis weren’t suited and lo and behold they got in.

            1. I adored Wii Fit Trainer & its attacks being yoga poses. But yeah. It’s a shame it got in before Ridley. Of course, that won’t be anything compared to if Dark Samus or Sylux (or worse, Rundas) gets in before Ridley. (Rundas is a worse case because he’s only bee in one freaking game of the entire history of Smash. I’d have an issue if Anthony from Other M also got in before Ridley and he’s my favorite character from that game.)

          2. Thats why I voted for Ridley above the others at the time. I could have gone with another because I think some would be good in the game but Ridley should absolutely take priority over everybody else in Metroid. Nintendo have acknowledged him to be Samus’ archenemy so it is kind of a disservice to the series to put Sylux or Dark Samus before him. But I could understand why it would happen.

            For Wii Fit its not that I hate the idea, its that people keep banging the “too big” drum after a character like her is in it already. For there to have been 5 games and still be asking for Ridley, Dixie, K.Rool and Isaac makes it seem like our cries are falling on deaf ears and its nothing but a few internet posters when Sakurai admitted the demand for Ridley was real so I wouldn’t be surprised if the demand for the others was as well.

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