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South Park Stick Of Truth Coming Digitally To Nintendo Switch

The first South Park title from Ubisoft is heading to the Nintendo Switch sometime this quarter. The news was spotted in Ubisoft’s recently released FQ1 2019 press release. No details have been confirmed, but it is sure to keep South Park fans happy and will give Nintendo Switch owners yet another great game to play.

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21 thoughts on “South Park Stick Of Truth Coming Digitally To Nintendo Switch”

    1. This is the first one, which hasn’t been released in physical or digital form. The sequel was released on the Switch in both formats. Both games are good, I preferred the first. I’m not sure where you see that it failed to sell, I haven’t seen any sales numbers of Fractured But Whole for Switch.

      Also, most of South Park’s fans are from the 90s.

    2. Only morons buy a $60 digital game! You never own a digital game you just bought the right to play it.

  1. I loved the fractured but whole so great. They need to release the patch so I can complete the quest that freezes the game quickly though, it’s been months now

    1. PlaystationFirstOrder

      Well, that’s sad to hear you never have the PS4 some love. It really deserves it, because unlike nintendo, Sony doesn’t sell it’s hardware with profit so you get max performance for the buck.

      But I better shut it because some people here get easily offended by TRUTH !

      1. Haha. Well, I see you’re in a long term relationship. This is kinda awkward kid, keep your love of inanimate objects to yourself. The Internet has enough weirdos.

      2. I do give my ps4 pro lots of love for being the enormous netflix/youtube-machine that it is.
        The thing can’t even play video bigger than 4Gb, such a hilarious decision from Team “It can fit up to 50 Gb ” Blu-ray.

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