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Pokémon 2019 Will “Have The Same Kind Of Feeling As The Previous Games On Handheld Systems”

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has spoken briefly about the upcoming Pokémon adventure for the Nintendo Switch which is coming in 2019. Speaking to Famitsu, Masuda, said that the core 2019 title will be similar to the games that long-term Pokémon fans are familiar with that have appeared on handheld platforms like the Nintendo 3DS. Until the full interview is published online we shall have to make do with these extracts.

“As for the 2019 title, we’re working with the idea that everyone will be playing on their own Switch. It’ll have the same kind of feeling as the previous games on handheld systems.”

“There have been times where you couldn’t bring Pokemon over from previous titles – I imagine that created some bad memories. I want to try and change that, if I can.”


39 thoughts on “Pokémon 2019 Will “Have The Same Kind Of Feeling As The Previous Games On Handheld Systems””

    1. Actually I find the service to be very great, you can transfer entire boxes from one game to the next with only one 3DS with ease and it only takes a few minutes. Much better than only being able to transfer 6 Pokemon like you would in the past, and much better when the only way to transfer between games in the same generation in the past was to buy another of the same handheld and maybe even a link cable.

      My only real complaint about Pokebank is that you can’t transfer your Pokemon back to the gen 6 games for no real good reason. They could just easily solve that by adding in patches if the mon has a moveset or ribbons that weren’t available in previous games.

    1. They mean the feeling of buffed EXP Share, being crazy overlevelled and the game being cry-baby easy. And this time only 50 new pokemon because 70 new pokemon was too many the last 2 gens. Maybe if we’re lucky gen 1 will get new baby forms, but gens 2-7 will never be mentioned. :’)

      That same feeling of disappointment and like they’re not listening…

      1. Sorry, gen 4 remakes on a new platform before gen 8. And the Let’s Go games don’t count, of course gen 1 gets remake privileges.

        Oh, there’s no edit button. Seriously?

    1. “Ridiculous restrictions for trading”? What are you on about? Also, Pokemon Bank isn’t useless, I’ve been using it a ton.

  1. Feeling of previous handheld games? Like the handholding, and absurdly bland and easy battles?
    OMG pls no. I hated that in Sun

  2. It’s obvious that he’s referring to gen 3, and how we couldn’t trade over Pokemon from gens 1 and 2.

    They better not send us back to the days of gen 3, and reboot people’s pokemon collection.

    Catch’em All Again! Because we not smart enough to program Pokemon video games (cave talk).

  3. So it’s more or less going to be the same as the previous couple generations and not a reinvention like what Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey did for each of their respective series. Yeah I’ll pass.

    1. Fine by me. We don’t need anymore franchises tossing what defines the series out the window. No more.

      They already shafted gyms, rebattleable trainers, the Hall of Fame, and over 100 new Pokemon. What more would you want them to scrap.

      1. Fluffing laser sights?!

        Some people want it to be like pokken or digimon for the battles. But then I would have no reason to play pokemon over either of those games so,
        How bout no you crazy dutch bastard

      2. They could get rid of Ivs,
        have better battle animations
        more freedom in your path choice
        Be able to make a few choices that would influence the plot
        better rivals
        better online infrastructure
        better graphics
        a good story not overly complex like in 5th gen.
        maybe be able to travel to another gen (best feature ever)
        Difficulty settings
        real post game content no lazy battle tree/maison
        tournament mode like black 2 why they never bring it back is a mystery
        regular Dlc to add to post game content (free if possible) and keep the interest in the game high in the gaming community just to name a few

        1. That’s Pokemon Gen Games 101: not bring back a feature people loved from a previous gen. So less of a mystery why they didn’t bring that feature back but more or less just their MO.

        2. You can actually SKIP Fortree City Gym. Everything else on this list just sounds vague or subjective.

      1. people like you are the reason why companies like gamefreak are getting cocky and lazy, criticizm pushes innovation and improvement. Dont systematically brush it to the side

  4. Kinda lame tbh…
    With this article, I feel like it will be an overly simplistic approach with assets and content pulled from PKMN LG Eevee/Pikachu. If they are not going to take full advantage of the power a home console offers, then what’s the point?
    I’m not saying to ditch the series’ roots, just that a 9th generation console should have games that feel/play like they are 9th gen games. ;/

  5. Same feeling? I really hope not… sun and moon were not good they lost the way after 5th gen(peak of the series), combat wise its good but story gameplay wise its become less attractive to me.

    They try too hard to catter to begginers and or smartphone casual audience that only play a game for a few minutes and hate difficulty…
    Another step back from gen 5 is that now we have no difficulty settings, and for some reason bad and forgettable rivals/ vilains (save for Lusamine who is hot and maybe Guzma).
    But let’s stay positive and hope gamefreak wont be lazy and play it too safe this time around cause the series albeit popular could use some change and polishing.

  6. I don’t want it to feel like previous games. I want to be able to interact as myself with any Pokemon and with any fan-favorite trainer while being able to have separate saves for myself and my siblings. Why can’t we have a game like that? Especially in an age where Breath of the Wild and Odyssey are big deals.

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