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Square Enix On Dragon Quest XI Switch: “It Is Still In Development & Is Quite A Ways Off”

One recurring theme with Dragon Quest XI throughout this year has been Square Enix’s status updates on the Nintendo Switch version. Well, Square Enix’s official Dragon Quest Twitter account has been answering fan questions, and one of their replies was about Dragon Quest XI Switch. They said that “there will indeed be a Nintendo Switch version, but it is still in development and is quite a ways off”. Here’s the tweet:

26 thoughts on “Square Enix On Dragon Quest XI Switch: “It Is Still In Development & Is Quite A Ways Off””

  1. Considering that they announced this game for the Switch BEFORE it was known as the Switch, this is just embarrassing. As a matter of fact, wasn’t this the second game to be confirmed for the system?

    1. I bet the Japanese people work way harder and longer than you.

      It’s just that nobody is so stupid to invest millions in Nintendo software since they had the Wii U in the past.
      Until now it’s still hype and promises it will sell very good on forums, news sites, fanboys, youtube click baiters and ass kissers. Speculation !

      Sure, it sells better than Wii U, but not PS4 or PC number at all, at ALL !

      Also with Nintendo you never know, while you are investing time and money for the Switch, Nintendo comes out with another gimmick console.

      With PS4 and PC you can count it will always be the same button layout, hardware design “no gimmicks”
      Only the performance get’s better over time every gen. It’s a save bet with Sony and Pc game development.

      Nintendo is stupid when it comes 3 party. The eshop third party is kinda sad, 5 year old indie games ported over.
      Nobody gonna risk much on gimmick console with bad past sales numbers.

      It’s a Mario & Zelda machine all the rest you need some other device.
      iPhone 11 will defeat Switch in CPU and GPU performance in 2019, come one bros seriously ?
      Just a controller and cable to Tv done.

      1. You keep repeating the word “gimmick” almost as if you don’t know what it means, hardware is built on features and these features need to be attractive, whether or not they are practical depends on the consumer but for my money, portability and multiplayer ready out of the box for the switch is much more compelling that whatever Sony was thinking with that massive useless touchpad in the middle of the dualshock.

        Also you need to re-check your facts because while the switch hasn’t outsold the PS4 due to the very obvious fact of coming out almost 5 years later, it has outsold it almost every month since launch.

        Lastly button layout is rarely a problem with devs, and the Switch has the same layout as any other console so you’re making no sense, What concerns devs the most is the architecture and whether or not it can run properly, the PS3 was the most advanced console last gen but it’s architecture was so foreign that most 3rd parties ran poorly or took huge costs to make properly, so it doesn’t matter if the PS5 is similar looking to the 4, if the architecture doesn’t prove to be dev friendly it is not going to get support regardless of specs.

        And nobody is going to port hollow knigh or HLD to an iphone and have it play just as well. it is not worth the 1000+ dollars compared to a 300 switch.

      2. He is kinda right,

        A iPhone is worth it because it replaced the laptop for me and gps system in the car.
        So it’s all in one package and it also games pretty well, pretty funny you say it’s not as good while Fortnite is just a iOS Port on Switch, the iOS version runs and looks better. The cpu destroys the Switch, it’s only a matter of time before the devs catch up on the new smartphone specs. Switch will be old when iPhone 11, 12 comes out.

        Nobody would buy I Switch if it didn’t had Mario, Zelda. Because you have better stuff that’s more mobile or more powerful.

        Also the iPhone screen Destroys the Switch like no tomorrow, holy smokes.

        Oh well, guess we have to kiss some ass for a like here, no serious gamers here. Just kids happiness depending on a product. Sad

      3. In response to ERikstampon guy and the fantastic worpress interface.

        I’ll just tell you that talks about Smartphones overtaking handhelds for the same dumb reasons you listed have been going on since the very first iPhone launched, that was 12 years ago BTW, not that I expect that someone accusing me of being a kid had the age to remember anything back then.

        Also if Mario and Zelda is all it takes to sell consoles then maybe a conspiracy sunk the Wii U or maybe is that people buy the switch because it has features and games that people want, dunno but people aren’t that loyal to a brand, they just dislike being told in what stuff they should invest their money in. Nobody is going to give you likes because of your senseless arrogance.

  2. Honestly just cancel the damn thing, Square. The game was announced for Switch since “NX” times. Almost none updates about it, aside some tidbits talking about certain “problems”. Probably the Switch version will release when no one cares about anymore, poorly optimized and lacking some features.

    1. So Xenoblade for the Wii should also be canceled years ago, since it released at the end of the Wii gen.

  3. At least they are honest and straight forward unlike Nintendo of blizzard with saying “we have nothing to announce yet” kinda crap like it’s Area 51 Nevada software secret development

  4. If you want 1080p you’ll have to get a PS4 pro otherwise is 900p for the base model, and don’t got expecting 60FPS it’s locked to 30, maybe you’ll get what you want on PC but now you’ll have to wait just as much if maybe more than us “fangirls” you sexist prick.

    But either way I doubt someone as juvenile as you could appreciate a game like Dragon Quest, so rather than feeling envy (as if I couldn’t own 2 consoles) I feel pity for the people at SE that waste their money and time for an audience like you.

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