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An Arkane Studios Job Listing Is Asking For “Knowledge Of Platform SDK (PS4, XB1, Windows, Linux, Switch)”

Arkane Studios are the team behind the Dishonored franchise, and they are hiring. A job listing for an Arkane Studios Engine Programmer has recently appeared. One of the things that they are looking for is “knowledge of platform SDK (PS4, XB1, Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch)”. This is the only Nintendo-related mention in the job listing, but it does suggest that Arkane Studios is interested in the Nintendo Switch. It was not stated what, exactly, is being planned.



      1. Yeah right, iOS games absolutely don’t sell. Ladies and gentlemen we have a professional analyst here.
        You’re right with macOS, but then again, there are way, way, way more gamers playing on macs than on Linux. Still nothing compared to Win of course, but why supporting LInux if you don’t support Mac? They even got similar achitectures, it doesn’t make sense.

  1. Hopefully it’s for less Regressive in the company that attack their fans and more Liberal people who actually don’t give a crap about Political Correctness and would rather do their job right.

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