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Pokémon: Let’s Go Has New Requirement System For Challenging Gym Leaders

Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee is set to change the way players challenge those super strong Gym Leaders. As spotted by Siliconera, the game now has a new requirement system which is presented to the player at the Gym entrance. The publication points out that requirements vary from certain Pokemon types, levels, and plenty more. Full information on how it will all work has yet to be explained by the Pokemon Company but it certainly seems like it was designed to ease new players in.


22 thoughts on “Pokémon: Let’s Go Has New Requirement System For Challenging Gym Leaders”

    1. Personally, I think this will further anger the longtime core fans and discourage them from purchasing these titles. We already knew these Let’s Go games were essentially designed for kids under 6 years old, but how much easier do you have to make them? Pokémon games have never been that difficult to begin with, but between the EXP Share, the fact that you can always find wild Pokémon with type advantages against the gym leaders near their gyms, and now this new requirement that you can’t challenge gyms until you meet a requirement that basically guarantees you won’t lose against the trainers/gym leaders… what is going on here? I don’t want to use the phrase “dumbing down” for video games as well, since it seems like a lot of things nowadays are being dumbed down, but geez…

  1. Hmmmm…..I mean I rarely use more than 1 overleveled pokemon in battles against gym leaders, so having one or two pokemon in my party to meet requirements to get in shouldn’t be much of a problem, but early game I could see this being annoying for sure.

      1. Yeah, but they are not Super, super strong really, it’s not like you are stuck for days like other RPG’s FF7, 8 and World of warcraft raids or golden challenge in Panderia.

        It’s like Japan doesn’t know we have played harder and more open games.
        We aren’t the same like the people of the 80’s. We played way more harder games in grinding and finding
        creative ways.

        At least Pokemon PvP is a thing & hard.
        I kiss your lips thx for reply.

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  3. That’s disappointing. Instead of creating an extra layer of challenge and strategy… they instead want to make sure you can absolutely beat a Gym Leader before you’re even allowed to walk into the door.

    Personally, I’d like to see stuff that’s more comprehensive to the setting like a fighting gym only allowing fighting-type pokemon in or banning any fire types in a grass gym but you can sneak in some bugs or birds.

    1. That sounds like a much better idea! This has give me hope for any “hard mode” fan hacks of the game in the future. If they can change the rules this could be really interesting. But making it super easy option is giving me doubts over how much I’ll enjoy the game. This is shitting all over anyone who wants to do a mono-type run, or if you’re unlucky in your nuzlock, guess you can’t enter this gym!
      Game Freak need to start making this shit optional. So the old school players can enjoy their game how they want, and the newbies can have the hand holding they want. Forcing things like telling you when your move will be super-effective, and trainers and wild pokemon levels now being much closer than in the past and now restricting access if you’re going to struggle in a battle is going way too far.

      1. That’s very true. I didn’t consider how this ruins nuzlock and other challenge runs.
        It’s a hard pill to swallow for some, but Pokemon is a brand franchise first and a video game series second. As long as people are still buying their pokemon stuff, they aren’t going to have much artistic or creative ambition and try new stuff.

  4. Why do you need a water or grass type? Just use Pikachu and a water sprinkler lmao.
    The 2019 game had better be hard as nails and overall the best Pokemon game ever made, especially since it was delayed for this nonsense.

  5. gamefreak are so disconnected from their fanbase, at this point they seem to only care about money milking and bringing the most casual/ smartphone players on board as possible. They even beg us to “trust” them…pathetic

    I mean they wont even give an option for harder difficulty they force us to play on baby little wheels mode nobody asked for.

    At first I didnt want to get on the hate train the game triggered but the more I see the more I am dissapointed with it and consider skipping it

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  7. So, i guess my idea of playing a mmo pokemon game is not going to happen. Online interaction is out of the question on nintendo games because childs are going to be harmed, battles will be too hard and world is going to be too big.
    Hope another franchise adopt the classic Pokémon mechanics and bring it to the next level of online gaming

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