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Video: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Breath Of The Wild Update Trailer

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has come to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Nintendo has released a brand new update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, bringing the game to version 1.6.0. The update adds Champion’s Tunic Link from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, as well as the Master Cycle Zero. A new trailer was released with the update, so we’ve included it for you down below.


40 thoughts on “Video: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Breath Of The Wild Update Trailer”

    1. Well… there’s, “Active Content”, and then there is, “Inactive Content” per se.
      MK8 has a lot of “inactive content” and there isn’t much “Active Content” to use content in. I know MK8 has a variety of maps (active content), but to an extent, maps/stages may start to feel like “inactive content” when they are beaten and/or not much else can be done with them. New skins are great, but they virtually add nothing to a game because they are inactive. This is like skate park where there is only one ramp but a whole variety of skateboards to borrow.


  1. Much better than the Kirby star allies updates and no, i am not trolling it is just my opinion.

    1. Kirby Star allies has all new characters with their very own movesets and power combos plus remixed campaigns and this just a skin. It’s fine if you like it personally more but the Star Allies updates are definitely more effort than this.

    1. The DLC in BotW is more than just the bike and MK8 got free vehicles in the past on Wii U but I guess I see what you’re saying.

    2. Your comment makes no sense. I bet it did inside your head, but it doesn’t now. This isn’t much more than a skin for a racing game, while it was the only vehicle in Zelda along a bunch of quests, mini dungeons and gameplay.

  2. Never bought this game because it’s practically a ripoff besides battle mode however this doesn’t change my mind that much here’s hoping to single player in smash ultimate :)

    1. It’s not a rip-off. Look at the sales figures of the WiiU, of MK8 on the WiiU, then the sales figures of MK on the Wii and then figure out yourself how stupid Nintendo would have been not to throw MK8 on the Switch to use it’s salespotential.
      Excuse me if someone went to you, holding a gun, forcing you to buy this game, but everyone else is free to decide themselves whether it’s worth buying it again or not.
      I bought it used for half the price and am happy that I did even though I played it to death on the WiiU. Would be worth full price for me? Obviously not but I’m just not the target audience. And now that I own it, it just rocks to have it on the Switch.

    2. Opinions vary. I also feel the game is a rip-off (so far) (especially when I already bought the game for full price (including the DLC packs) on the Wii U) but others would disagree. (More like are disagreeing since you got some detractors here.)

  3. It’s cool but why? … I wish they would do MK9 as switch hasn’t had a mk game yet of its own… I not played MK8 in ages, being a pro at it and so used to levels, I must of played rash course at least 1000 times lol … New courses please! Or new game… Nintendo Kart :p

    1. Reasons:
      1. MK8 just entered the charts again after being on the market for about 15 months
      2. Creating a model of a bike and a character is slightly less work than creating a full game
      3. as long as MK8 has momentum, there’s absolutely no point in creating a MK9 game so don’t expect this to happen the next 2 years
      4. I actually feel you, knowing MK8 so good. Playing MK8D after beating MK8 over and over, it naturally wasn’t a fresh experience like on the WiiU. But then again, MK8 felt just so surprisingly perfectly polished when I first played it, everthing seemed to be in balance, everything carefully considered and all in all it creates such a great overall picture, it surely stod out of most games on the WiiU. I am really worried that they won’t be able to pull something like this off again and think they should really do a MK9 only when they got enough reasons to do so. And actually that’s Nintendo’s thinking as well. Usually, as long as they can’t come up with a fresh concept, they don’t do a game. In the case of MK they might not be that strict, as it’s just a huge cash cow, but still, there isn’t a clear reason to do something new right now. MK9 wouldn’t look better than 8D (a bit, sure, but not much), just forcing new mechanics like 8’s magnet-tracks could go wrong and 8D isn’t older than a year right now.

      When Nintendo one day brings out a new Switch with an upgraded processor and needs a big title to make people buy this Switch+, then it might make sense. But looking at Switch’s momentum right now, Nintendo doesn’t need to do that right now.

  4. That’s one thing I love about Nintendo, they will go back and update an older game with content featured in their newer games. You will never see this level of support for older IPs from other companies.
    I would love to see Nintendo do something crazier than make a fighting game with all of their IPs, I would love to see Nintendo make a ARPG featuring all of their IPs. I know it sounds batshit crazy but I honestly believe Nintendo could easily turn this idea into one of their greatest games ever, they’re crazy enough to to do it.

    1. PS4/Switch master race

      I don’t know about other companies, but yeah.
      I still remember the big update for Animal Crossing New Leaf.

  5. I’m glad that you are still able to play as the other version of Link. To be honest looking at Smash Wii U’s version of Link he looks 100X better then the Breath of the Wild Verizon coming to Ultimate

  6. Battle Mode stages (instead of race tracks): 15 bucks.
    BotW Link & Master Cycle Zero: 5 bucks.
    Total: 20 bucks.

    Just need 40 bucks worth of more free content added & then I’ll consider buying this at the $60 price tag. Already paid 80 bucks for the game on Wii U so not interested in paying another 60 for it on Switch; least not in it’s current form.

  7. A new track would have been completely awesome, but this is a nice free addition to a game that already has so much content. A third paid DLC, similar to what was on Wii U would honestly make me happy – although I’m sure people would be mad about paid DLC after purchasing a deluxe port at full retail price.

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