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Junichi Masuda: Capturing Pokemon Was Too Difficult For Some Players Which Is One Of The Changes In Let’s Go!

A wide-ranging interview with Junichi Masuda has been published in the latest edition of Famitsu and it contains plenty of nuggets of information about the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee for the Nintendo Switch. The interview has been roughly translated by Reset Era member Atheerios and Joe Merrick from Serebii. Here’s the vital information contained within!

  • The main reason why Pokémon Let’s Go doesn’t have wild battles is to make it similar to Pokémon GO.
  • However, that’s not the only reason. Masuda thinks that the classic catching mechanics may be too difficult for some players, so they wanted to simplify the captures by introducing the GO mechanics.
  • This was a controversial decision even at Game Freak, but Masuda says that as he is the director it’s “his responsibility”.
  • It appears that the fishing minigame has also changed and now you waggle the worm.
  • They need to keep trying new things for Pokémon or the gameplay will stale.
  • They intend to continue experimenting with new gameplay styles and some of them may also generate the same kind of controversial discussions.
  • They are open/listening to feedback, both positive and negative, for consideration for the future.
  • When asked about the graphical style of Let’s Go, Masuda responded that he chose the style to be more fantasy like, not realistic, and so parents could more instantly recognise it as Pokémon, and a safe game, at a glance when peering in to check on their kids from another room.
  • Pokémon CP are different in LGPE and in GO. A Pokémon with the same CP number in both games will be stronger in GO.
  • This time the person in charge of the music is Shota Kageyama. They decided to use classical instruments with the goal to relax players while listening and create the vision of a peaceful world.
  • Alola forms won’t appear in the wild in LGPE, however there may be a way to obtain them without Pokémon GO…




    1. Well, you don’t weaken them. You feed them berries to make them more at ease, and then chuck your balls at them.


      1. He meant in the regular games you weaken them. He was referencing the interview in the article “Masuda thinks that the classic catching mechanics may be too difficult for some players, so they wanted to simplify the captures by introducing the GO mechanics.”

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  1. Man, this kind of thinking is so disappointing. I didn’t have any trouble catching Pokemon in RBY when I was 5 years old. First, why are they making Let’s Go for literal babies? and second, why not make these changes optional so that you’re not gutting half the experience for everyone else?

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      1. Junichi masuda is fired, screw him and in 2019 if the graphics are the same im breaking my Nintendo switch or better I don’t buy it because of let’s go.


  2. Was leveling up before running into an OP trainer too hard too?

    Or are we supposed to catch so many duplicate throwaways, just so we can level up?

    I just hope this is the ONE casual entry in the main series before we can go back to playing the game like we were meant to.

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    1. This isn’t a part of the main series. It’s a spin-off in a similar vein to things like XD: Gale of Darkness (with wild Pokemon mechanics changed from the main series), albeit with GO influences, and while being a remake of Yellow.

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      1. @Sonic, No it’s not They will not make an animé about this and it doesn’t”t move the animé story forward like X&Y and Sun & moon. It’s just a spin off remake of yellow. Get over it and stop spreading this bs from reddit fanboys who are triggered so easily.

        These same fools will talk different when Poké 2019 comes out, nobody will care about Eevee go anymore by then.

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      2. +TapuleleGx Actually, Gamefreak themselves stated that Pokemon Let’s Go is apart of the main series so yes, the people saying this are correct. If you don’t believe me, just google “Pokemon Let’s Go is Core-Series” and you will plenty of videos showing when Gamefreak stated this.

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  3. How about an option between “Traditional” and “Go” modes? If they wanted to cater for everyone like they said they would do that. Traditional being wild battles etc everything as a traditional Pokemon game and Go mode for those other people that want Go like features. This is just catering to Go players who honestly don’t have any interest in buying a switch and the game because Pokemon Go is free for their mobile. This only increases the distance between pokemon and its actual core fanbase who have been waiting for a Switch game.

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    1. It’s a spin off game, not for the 2019 Poke folks who play PvP and the card game.
      Nobody will care about this game end 2019, it’s filler and trying to cash out on GO since Google run away with the most bucks.

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  4. Lol horrible decisions made by this guy but hey gotta go where they think it will sell, at the end of the day he’s making decisions for the business not for the gamers and these decisions prove it. Im buying this game just for a casual play through and expecting to breeze by it so I already know wt I’m getting

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    1. Well, the reality is they won’t change as long as people who hate the ideas still buy the game. If this game sets new sales records… this is the new blueprint.

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      1. No it’s not, maybe they will imp-lent some gimmicks from GO later on, but not the base RPG PvP.
        It’s like a big middle finger after 20 Years of PvP championships and the card game,

        nope, nope, nope.


      2. Your 100% correct on that, we really don’t know wt their expectations are. If they expect it to sell like mainline games then that’s a pretty high bar that i hope they dont reach for fear of making this the new permanent mechanics. But if they expect mystery dungeon level sales that’s not a hard bar to reach and I’m ok with it remaining a spin-off.

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      3. This, if this thing sells, they will be doing more games with this style.

        Why do you think they announced metroid prime 4 instead of metroid prime federation force 2?


  5. I’m not saying he making a big mistake, I think what he is trying to say that this game is gonna be confused by some other players who played Pokemon before but it is the main series game anyway.


    1. You keep telling this is main series, please tell me how this main game will move the card game and the animé forward ????
      Yeah it’s filler bro, it’s filler aka Spin off, marketing doesn’t like to mention that, must baiting the fanboys in.

      2019 is main, with new PvP meta, and new cards and Pokémon, new anime and Pokemon bank.
      They know we already have filled Pokemon dex because Red VC on 3DS.

      Why is it always the noobs and people who just played the story casual, gonna tell us how Pokemon is ?

      Do you know what a choice band is ?
      You know how to kaiwa into tapu on ho-oh charge up with volcanio and swap with necromanza ?
      You do realize PvP is kinda big, bigger and exist longer than any cringe cash store game from Blizzard.
      I doubt it.

      Just ….


      1. The confusion these people have stems from the fact that THIS game really isn’t a main entry in the sense that it is nothing brand new. However, it is an altered remake of Pokemon Yellow, which was a main series game. There. Now all of you shut the hell up. lol


  6. Again, it’s more of the mentality of “We make decisions not to make the video game more fun but we make decisions to make the video game more accessible and hopefully sell more copies”

    Anyone hoping Pokemon to evolve should just give up at this point… if they haven’t had the good sense to give up already.

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    1. What’s wrong with Pokémon main games ?

      You complain to move the training forward, wut ?

      Once you go PvP and make a living poke bank with all 800 and more, all on your name,
      well it’s hard to play any other game anymore because you gonna be busy for a couple of years.

      Let’s not even talk about shiny hunting or playing the card game.

      Pokémon is the most complex and deepest RPG you can find now, not even “EVE ONLINE” has this dept in PvP
      and Square Enix Rpgs’ are kinda childish after some serious breeding and PvP with the poke games.
      Because a computer can never be as good as human, so Poké PvP is the main goal like the Animé.

      Most never touch that, yet gonna tell us that Pokémon sucks.
      Come back when your Pokemon are perfect IV’s and EV trained and we will play some chess, I mean Poké Pvp.

      It’s like as a World of Warcraft high end Pvp or raider you hear this people complain WoW sucks because Leveling up was kinda … wut ? We don’t care it’s just some stuff for casuals entertainment for a week. It’s just the start.


  7. when i played pokemon i just beat the game then sold it no contest capturing was easy no ivs or ev bullshit just play the game beat it the sell it end of story. now we have all the extra crap that is tryng to make the game more iq worthy when it’s just extra bullshit to make nerds happy(no offence being a nerd myself as i work in a comic store with videogame machines mainly a ps4 and switch.


  8. I came excepting this comments section to be full of haters and shortsighted individuals who will ridicule anything or anyone that even whispers this game’s name within a five mile radius of them…

    I was not disappointed.

    Jokes aside, I think everyone needs to calm down. Clearly this game isn’t meant for them, and they aren’t being forced to play it. Just wait for next year’s title and chill out; the world isn’t ending because there’s a casually-aimed Pokémon title.

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  9. How was capturing pokemon too difficult to understand? Maybe if their target audience was literal 1 year olds who I might add aren’t even developed enough to even play the most basic video games in which case no matter how hard you simplify it that is one audience a video game can’t be understood by. I really don’t mind the fact that the wild battles are Go styled in these games because I know everything will go back to normal in the 2019 games but to say the old battles were to difficult to understand is just ridiculous.

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  10. i don’t even mean this in a bad way: this game might be a good one for my girlfriend to enjoy.

    she’s still pretty new to gaming. the only two games so far i’ve gotten her to enjoy profusely are zelda: botw and stardew valley.

    this game just seems like the kind of game with some simple but fun game mechanics with a decent amount of depth to keep players interested.

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  11. Okay, I have distinct memories of being exactly four years old and finding a Pokeball in Yellow. I couldn’t catch a Caterpie. I didn’t weaken it and it escaped. When i was five, I actuslly *read the old man’s tutorial* and could easily catch one. Jeez guys.


  12. There making it sound like we are playing a Pokemon version of ‘in the night garden’: ” classical instruments with the goal to relax players while listening and create the vision of a peaceful world.”

    “When asked about the graphical style of Let’s Go, Masuda responded that he chose the style to be more fantasy like, not realistic, and so parents could more instantly recognise it as Pokémon, and a safe game, at a glance when peering in to check on their kids from another room.”

    “more fantasy like” What the heck does that even mean? Do you mean more cartoony, or do you honestly mean that game that looks realistic is not a fantasy game???

    Under that logic it’s perfectly OK to let your kids play violent sex filled games as long as it looks like a cartoony fantasy.

    Is he also implying that parents won’t buy ‘Pokken Tournament’ because they can’t recognise a Pokemon from the design alone.
    “That Pokemon fur looks way too realist to be a Pokemon.”


  13. Heres a negative review you al can read, fck junichi masuda haha he ia no longer in the games and when 2019 core comes and its just like let’s go we all can say masuda screwed it all up. I’m not biying the switch because of let’s go and iphone crap.


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