Nintendo Switch

Video: Stardew Valley Multiplayer Trailer

Many Nintendo Switch owners jumped at the chance to download Stardew Valley when it made its way to the Nintendo eShop, and rightfully so. One thing that the developers have been working on is the multiplayer aspect of the game. While a release date for this has yet to be announced. The team has produced the trailer which you can view below.



    1. One, this is an indie so they don’t have anything to do with animal crossing (Though the devs would probably do a good job of that too.) Two, it’s more like if harvest moon was good, there is basically no ac in this


      1. its more akin to Harvest Moon, but its IMO SOOO much better. You build relationships with people, grow crops, marry, collect all kinds of artifacts for rewards, mine, fish, own animals, and overall its just an extremely chill game. Animal crossing is different, but both are equally great IMO


      1. Sigh… I’ve never played Stardew Valley, so i don’t really know. It just LOOKS like it in the trailer.


    1. I will just double down on what the other guy said, this is the spiritual successor of the good ol’ Harvest Moon games and it’s great, it has nothing to do with Animal Crossing.


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