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Bethesda Says They Have To Change The Way They Approach Single Player Games

Bethesda are well known for their meaty single player titles such as the Elder Scrolls series, Wolfenstein and Fallout etc. UK news publication The Guardian caught up with Pete Hines, Bethesda’s senior vice-president of PR and marketing, to talk about the beloved company and its future plans. While the meaty single player component won’t be going away he says that they need to change how they approach things going forward.

“That doesn’t mean that we should keep doing things the way we did five or ten years ago—we’ve got to continue to change how we approach it.”



14 thoughts on “Bethesda Says They Have To Change The Way They Approach Single Player Games”

    1. Definitely. I still can’t believe they didn’t take the opportunity to polish up the Skyrim port on the Switch. That lost a sale from me, at least.

      1. They really SHOULD try a bit harder.

        In my Run of Skyrim on Switch, one of the kids I adopted is constantly asking for gifts like a toy sword … and after spending over an hour looking for one, I can NEVER give him anything because his inventory is full. Apparently, according to people who checked in the PC version, he is carrying 300 baskets for some reason. It has been that way since the original release. It was never patched out. Still there in the HD remaster. Still there in the Switch Port of the remaster. It’s not everpn a complex bug. They just need to change his inventory to baskets=0 … but no. “Why Bother?” says Bethesda. You just have to listen to a kid who is forever disappointed because a glitch, which is easy to fix yourself on pc, prevents you from interacting with the npc properly, and there is NOTHING you can do about it on Console. Bethesda won’t fix it. There is a long list of EASY fixes like that in the game … things Bethesda has known about since 2011, that a single programmer with a free afternoon could fix by simply editing values pc users can access effortlessly … but they never did.

        No wonder they never get to the bigger, game breaking, engine crashing bugs if even the easy things are not worth acknowledging and fixing.

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    1. indeed, nothing revolutionary like Nintendo, Valve, or blizzard does. In the past the RPG was somewhat good, now it’s like they are obsessed with spreading propaganda for some enemy from 80 years ago in Europe.

      What’s wrong with these people, make games please. At E3 it was like YEaaaah we have to fight nazies.

      ?????? They are gone for 80 years make fun and polished games stop brainwashing kids. freaks.
      If they all this time spend polishing Skyrim and debug for Switch ( It never got a update on Nintendo )
      instead of worry about Germany, well that would be awesome

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