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It’s TeamSquid Who Took The Win In The Big Splatfest This Weekend

As I mentioned before it’s hard to believe that Splatoon 2 is celebrating its first anniversary. To celebrate Nintendo devised a special Splatfest asking players to choose between Team Octo or Team Squid. Those who chose Team Octo were granted the ability to play as one. It was actually Team Squid who took the win, 2-1. Well done to everyone who participated regardless of which side you chose!


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23 thoughts on “It’s TeamSquid Who Took The Win In The Big Splatfest This Weekend”

      1. From what I’ve been told (I don’t play the game), the team with more members ends up fighting their own team more often than the other team. Because same team victories don’t add to your total, you end up just wasting a bunch of time and points leading the other team to an easier victory

      2. Come on, stop with this nonsense. There was only 11% difference in votes and due to how matchmaking in splatfests works the best from the larger team are granted the ability to fight with the other team, therefore if the 11% that didn’t have a chance to fight inklings had the chance inklings would have probably won by even bigger percentage.

    1. So you didn’t participate in the fest. Heck u don’t even play the game and here you are posting “from what I’ve been told”

      1. Yes. Because it’s what I’ve been told by people who have played the game since launch. I never even stated I did play the game or claimed that I was super knowledgeable; it was a statement purely based off knowledge from my friends and others. I dunno if the data was outdated even, but it was what I was told a while ago, and as someone who’s not played the game (and not at all interested in fact checking because I don’t play the game) there was no reason for me to doubt this info. Simple as that

  1. Ah yeah, I was worried as it seemed for the most part that all the teams I was on was losing and there was always that team member at the bottom with very little production in terms of splats and being splat. I was having to much fun to care though (not that I’m great at the game either lol)

      1. This dude doesn’t know anything about Nintendo or it’s games.
        Like don’t even start about Splatoon lore and it’s history. He just wanna fanboy durr derp derp MU NINTENDUUUU

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