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MercurySteam Talks About The Benefits Of Collaborating With Nintendo

MercurySteam collaborated with Nintendo last year for the first Metroid title in a long time, Metroid: Samus Returns which was exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Speaking to DualShockers, who visited MercurySteam at their headquarters, Studio head Enric Álvarez explained the benefits the company had gained working alongside Nintendo for the project.

“Especially with Nintendo, the biggest difference is all they care about is quality. All they care about is polish. All they care about is giving satisfaction to their players. The rest is secondary. You can’t find this working for a western publisher because there’s always time constraints, there’s always a lot of pressure. There’s also pressure working in any environment, especially when we’re talking about massive amounts of money – they’re always somewhat very worried about that money, which is normal and fair. But I think that the biggest difference we’ve found is in our direction. It’s not saying there’s no pressure involved in both sides, but the pressure from a publisher from a Japanese publisher comes from that aspect – quality. And the pressure in our experience… the pressure coming from a western publisher comes from many other directions.”

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19 thoughts on “MercurySteam Talks About The Benefits Of Collaborating With Nintendo”

      1. So nice from you to reply, why do i deserve this ?

        If i was a girl I would reward you. No h*mo !


  1. ““Especially with Nintendo, the biggest difference is all they care about is quality. All they care about is polish.”

    And that’s why I’m a Nintendo & Apple fan, Quality like German cars. No worries about the product, the product melts into your lifestyle. Always ready and it works.

    Nintendo, Apple 👍🏻

    Fortnite 😘

    1. Apple has been falling back by removing features that are still revelant to this day and releasing underpowered products with “new features” that Samsung been using since 2014

      1. @Carlos what function is impossible to execute on a iPhone ?
        None off course, just some kid who can’t afford Apple and cries on the internet, in real life most working people have Apple

    2. @5000blunt how about a Mac that doesn’t throttle itself into an oblivion because Apple wants their Macs to look pretty instead of running better and being cooled without overheating

  2. That’s why I love Nintendo. Quality/polish is really important to me. That’s the biggest issue I take with many western games. They usually release in a very unpolished state. Bethesda is a great example of that, for some of their games. Same for Rockstar… as much as I know that will trigger people. I have never enjoyed a single Rockstar developed game because of how janky they feel.

    1. What I noted is that he is referring to quality and polish as to separate things.
      I do agree on that Nintendo games usually are polished beyond much of the competition. There was a time you just could plug games into Wii U on day one and they didn’t even need that much of a patch. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had some serious bugs though, and DK64 Wii U VC did have some issues(might have be an external developer though). But that’s just a drop in the ocean. Nintendo do polish their games excellently.

      What I do disagree on (people are going to kill me for this) is the quality. Yeah, Odyssey, Mario Kart, Splatoon etc. are quality games at the highest level, BUT games like Mario Party 10, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Party, Mario Tennis Wii U, Kirby Star Allies(not that bad though) are NOT quality games. Polished, yeah. Good games, no. They do quality, just not every single time.

      If people are still reading and not out there to end my life, I’ll redeem myself by saying that Nintendo as a whole is the best developer/publisher as a whole. No one produces such great quality games in that quantities as they do.

      1. I agree, but that was also in the Wii U days (minus Kirby which prob started dev on Wii U) and there aren’t really many examples like that on the Switch. Those games were bad cause they were rushed out onto a dying platform just so Nintendo can say that they had at least something for ppl to play. Now that we have the Switch, games have both quality and polish.

        1. I do agree that’s the most logical reason for lack of quality, yes. And I also do agree of what “little” we have gotten so far have been top of the line titles.(Except from 1-2-Switch OMG how could I forget that one?)
          Xenoblade had some glitches, but no biggie. Only thing I could think of on 3DS nowadays is the Top 100 Mario Party. Haven’t tried that one, but I haven’t heard many nice things about it either. But your points might as well be applied to the 3DS. Just titles to keep it alive and something for people to play.

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