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Japan: Square Enix Once Again Apologises For Octopath Traveler Shortages

It looks as though Square Enix can not keep up with the demand for the well-received JRPG Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch, at least in Japan. The company has issued another public apology on Twitter. The newly restock product sold out within three hours across all Yodabashi Camera outlets yesterday.

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6 thoughts on “Japan: Square Enix Once Again Apologises For Octopath Traveler Shortages”

  1. They should have produced more than what is the demand though I get why they kept it safe by not producing more to meet demand, part of it is they want digital sales and the other is the cartridges are still expensive.

    1. The main reason is that they didn’t anticipate how popular it would be. They didn’t want to over produce and then have stock sitting there not selling. It’s always better to underestimate demand than overestimate even if it leaves some people frustrated.

    2. Just admit that they are selling out on the great Nintendo Switch. This hurts sony drones and xbots to the core.

  2. 3rd party developers still think no one will buy their games on a Nintendo platform so they make limited quantities.

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