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Mr. Nogami Celebrates One Year Of Splatoon 2 With A Special Drawing

It is hard to believe that it is the one year anniversary of Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Mr. Nogami has shared a special sketch which you can view down below. He thanks all the fans for their support.



29 thoughts on “Mr. Nogami Celebrates One Year Of Splatoon 2 With A Special Drawing”

  1. Weak, it’s just commercial for the expansion pack, guess it did not sell too well after the fortnite free to play release.

    1. Fortnite is a passing fad, my friend, and on the contrary, Splatoon is an established franchise that will survive the ages alongside other Nintendo greats.

      Fortnite isn’t a bad game, no, and I love the fact that it’s free, but if I had to choose, Splatoon>>>>>>Fortnite ANY day.

      1. 3 fanboys kissing each other and liking each other posts. 1vs3 so brave.

        Fortnite>Spaltoon because it’s for kids. Everyone knows that so you can’t manipulate your way out.

        What’s wrong with my nickname ? Your name is a … cat, ok ?

        1. Nothing’s wrong with your nickname, and I’m sorry you think that 3 people with concurring opinions are ganging up on you. And even if Splatoon IS for kids, that doesn’t make it bad.

      2. Yeah Wetwaligui such a comeback, best reply EEEEEVER HEARD !
        best reply in my life 😂

        Yust admit you suck at real shooters like Fortnite, no more hiding in ink and shooting each other one feet distance 😂

        1. Why do you have to attack someone because they thought I supplied a well-thought out “comeback?”

          Splatoon is a great game. Perfect for people who enjoy colorful but deep experiences but don’t necessarily like “real shooters.”

          Fortnite is also a great game. Perfect for people who enjoy Battle Royale, free things, and “real shooters.”

          These two games can perfectly coexist on the same platform. They’re both great in their own ways. No need to mock or make fun of people who like what you don’t.

      3. @MH4 Battle Royale isn’t a fad, these games existed already in 2012 when DayZ was a thing and bitcoin came up. So it exist WAAAAY before Splatoon 1.

        Just shows you how fanboy people here are. They just accept any lie if it fits the fanboy believe system.

        Splatoon is a Call of Duty type of game, you know that fad game from 2008.
        It’s 4 players only even worse than COD, because WEAK hardware.

        1. I never said Battle Royale was a fad. I said Fortnite specifically is a fad. Please read the comments thoroughly before replying.

          And hardware has nothing to do with
          1.) this conversation
          2.) how much fun something is

      4. I don’t mind about your Likes buddy. It’s always the same gang here around same 3 babies liking each other comments when someone criticize. You are here like 24/7 kissing each other. XXx

        So do what you do, I and other 100 readers here will play Fortnite tonight.
        Bcause Fortnite is better; fact !

        Takes 2 minutes for looking for 8 players in Splatoon.
        Takes 20 seconds for 100 players on Fortnite.

        Because everyone plays Fortnite now, fact !

        Your opinion vs fact.

        1. If someone thinks something is better, that’s their opinion.

          No, not everyone plays Fortnite. I know a lot of people who don’t.

          Your opinion vs. fact.

          Look, I’m not trying to start an argument. I’m trying to cool this down into a conversation where two individuals share their ideals. Please stop bashing my side when I haven’t bashed yours. Heck, I’ve openly said in this thread that Fortnite is a great game! I don’t see why you have to defend something so harshly when I’ve openly agreed with you that it’s a good game.

          We literally agree that Fortnite is a good game, yet you continue to insult me and everyone else who thinks Splatoon is objectively better. Please stop acting like a child.

          You do make a good point, however: Fortnite does have faster loading times with significantly more people joining the game, sometimes even across platforms. So yeah, Nintendo doesn’t have an excuse there. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to make fun of a franchise and the group of people who like it.

          Splatoon isn’t perfect. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But neither is Fortnite.

          And just because they’re not perfect doesn’t mean they’re bad.

          Both are fantastic games that improve on the genre and bring something unique to the table in many facets. But your opinion that one title is better than the other doesn’t give you a license to make others feel bad for liking said title or disagreeing with you.

      1. Was gonna say, Fortnite is ok but despite its looks, I would say Splatoon is much more hardcore as far as action and strategy imo. In Fortnite you don’t hide in ink but you mostly still hide as you try to get to the last few ppl to get higher placings. Like both games but if Fortnite wasn’t free I don’t know if I’d ever give it a shot. Glad it was free though so I could try it out.

      2. That’s because you play it on a Switch, Fornite runs WAAAY better on pc and with mouse and keyboard it controls fast, good aiming and smooth gameplay.

        You don’t know what you are talking about.

      3. Hiding in ink = Strategy … ok.

        Hardcore games have higher tic buddy and at least good controls that aren’t wireless.

        Wireless on a slow Tv, hardcore … lol

        I like splatoon but stop peeps like you makes Nintendo lazy.

      4. Yep, you play from time to time, so you suck and never really reach to best moments, so it’s kinda boring because you never really challenge or grow. Doesn’t mean because you suck at it = bad game

    1. Agree with Dave it’s for kids, Squids and kids plus you play with … kids. In ink and buy stupid childish stuff.
      The development team cares zero f**k about feedback unlike Epic.

      Every serious shooter gonna laugh with Splatoon, even the Esports is kinda fake PR, nothing serious like Pokemon

      1. As long as people enjoy it, there is nothing wrong with it. The only problem here is your ego and the fact that no one agrees with you about Splatoon. Ergo, you attack people. I feel pity for you.

  2. Wow so many Sony and pc fanboys on a Nintendo news site. The fact that guys are making your voices heard now instead of signing up and commenting like people who truly love nitendo means you could care less about voicing your opinion or about nitendo. You’re just here to troll and nothing more. I don’t know admin. Making the site open for anyone and everyone may have being a big mistake. It’s only going to make the site more and more toxic.

    1. I agree with that but tbh most are literally Nintendo fans that are trying to be Sony pc Microsoft fans I seen these situations occurred before and it doesn’t take to long to spot them out but I do agree wi the reason with why go to a Nintendo site if you don’t like it

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