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Capcom Briefly Explains Why Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Took So Long To Come To West

It has been a long time coming, but Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate finally lands on the Nintendo Switch here in the west next month. There was a point when we thought that it wasn’t going to come, but now it will be with us on 28th of August. Shintaro Kojima, who is the producer of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, touches on why there was such a long delay between the Japanese release and the western release.

“The Monster Hunter production team was working on Monster Hunter: World after the release of Monster Hunter XX in Japan. But there was a great demand for a western version, so we decided to take it to the West.”


40 thoughts on “Capcom Briefly Explains Why Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Took So Long To Come To West”

  1. “Great demand” as in half the sales, me included, came from overseas, so now they want half a million westerners to pay again which ill gladly do.

                    1. Well, World has been a big subject in the news on this site, so I thought you were “It’s not on Switch so it don’t exsist in my book”.

      1. Yeah, I pre ordered it too. But Capcom is still full of it with this BS PR crap. Western fans have been asking for this game ever since it released, hell I was the one spamming MHXX for the west like a thousand times during Capcom’s very first streaming of MH World on Twitch like every other second, there’s no way in hell they didn’t see my spammed MHXXforthewest text, the lying bastards.

        1. I gave criticism to their Twitter posts when they didn’t want to talk about MHXX and revealed World, and I got a lot of likes for it. I felt it was a weak comment from Capcom as well. Could just dropped it and be better off.
          Oh, well. At least we got it now. A little late, but better than nothing.

      2. I went a bought Mhxx after MhWorld failed to hook me in.
        So as long as I can still play Monster Hunter with my friends who buy Generations Ultimate, I’m okay with continuing to play my japanese copy.

    1. no fans are wanting Monster hunter any monster hunter for the switch.. because you released worlds to PS4 and XBOX one with no PC release waited so long those with only a switch and pc weren’t able to play worlds

  2. All these Japanese developers need to stop worrying about how well their games will do in the west because all of their games do well or better in the west.

      1. Triggered 😂
        Best reply Eee vaaaar durrrr

        Don’t feed the trolls I suck at conversation, instead triggered, must be trolls, not my fault at alllllll 😘

    1. Because if you can’t call it trolling you actually have to argue.
      You calling others trolls is Not equal to >I’m being wrong. 👍🏻

  3. I played a bit of Monster Hunter World and I think it’s great but it feels different to all the Monster Hunter games I’ve gotten so used to over the years. Like it’s nice it’s so streamlined and does the item crafting for you and all that but I actually enjoyed that extra management in the other MH games. I actually more interested in picking up this version as someone who played a lot of Unite, Tri, Tri Ultimate, and MH4U.

    1. but its already on the console?? that wouldnt have anything to do with it coming to the west at all, and ita no secret capcom had no intention to bring it to the west at first, so of course if it came at all, it was going to be much later.

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