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Video: Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Octopath Traveler On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo and Square Enix have unveiled the official accolades trailer for Octopath Traveler, highlighting some of the positive things critics had to say about the recently-released Nintendo Switch title. You can check out the new promo in the video below. Octopath Traveler is a 16-bit-inspired RPG that revolves around the stories of eight unique characters. Players are tasked with choosing their paths and discovering what lies beyond the horizon for each one of them.

11 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Octopath Traveler On Nintendo Switch”

    1. Is this game deep like FF7 gems or Xenoblade 2 ? Or is this just basic RPG from the 90’s first FF games ?

      1. More like Chrono Trigger in my opinion. Just played Xenoblade 1 and X, and FFI+X+XIII+XV+Crisis Core and played Parts of VII with a friend.

        But so far Octopath is a real throwback to the 90′. Reminds me of when we played “analogue” roleplayinggpgames. “Dungeon & Dragons” comes to mind, but we used to play a Norwegian one called “Fabula”. It gives the same kind of feel. Everyone got their one story in Octopath just as in D&D/Fabula. A bit slow in the beginning, but it got emotional moments and some minor plot twists. As deep as those games you mentions it is not. But those game had one storyline, and this has eight. Gameplay is what you expect. Played Bravely Default/Second and you know what it is all about.

      2. It could be said to be either more complex, or more simplistic than mainstream RPG’s, depending on how you evaluate. The act of issuing combat commands is very simple. If you could issue commands in Final Fantasy 1, you can issue commands here. The meat of the game is in your team construction, which is significantly more complex. You can’t just work on every character having one skill to spam. Enemies have varied defenses, so you need to build a varied team to break those defenses.

        The game is non-linear, so it’s hard to give specific advice or examples, because whomever you pick to start with, and whichever direction you decide to walk, your combat and leveling options will be different.

  1. Accolades trailers always make the game sound better than it is. So why did this one seem mediocre? Would anyone reccomend this game for me?

    1. It’s a solid game with recognisable gameplay and a fine cast of characters. Great RPG on the go. Just don’t expect Lord of the Rings-story or anything revolutionary gameplay wise(even though it’s good enough).

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