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The Detective Pikachu Movie Will Now Be Distributed By Warner Bros.

We haven’t heard much about the Detective Pikachu movie since April, and now we know why. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Legendary and Universal have gone their separate ways, and Warner Bros. and Legendary are working together once again. Warner Bros. will be “taking a stake” in the movie. This will include “taking over distribution duties”. The movie’s May 10th premiere date is not expected to change.



  1. Looks cool if you are a kid or have kids, not sure if I’m going in solo, sometimes you need to step back and say No, it’s getting out of hand.

  2. I had a gut feeling that Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment aren’t seeing eye to eye anymore.

  3. there’s no surprise there, i prefer Mario over Pokemon, but because Warner bros is making this, i expect it to be a better movie.

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