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Amazon: You Can Now Pre-Order A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

In just over a month, the Nintendo Switch’s paid online service will launch. With the launch date so close, Amazon has decided to open up pre-orders for those who want to subscribe early. As of this article’s writing, you can get a $19.99 12-month subscription, and a $7.99 3-month subscription. Amazon does not have an option to pre-order the $34.99 family plan, as well as the $3.99 1-month subscription. Nintendo Switch Online launches in September.

39 thoughts on “Amazon: You Can Now Pre-Order A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription”

        1. Which is why I said As Soon As Possible. You get it day one, the same reason people preorder anything.

          That’s the reason why I preordered Smash Bros Ultimate and the Inkling, Ridley, and Octoling 3-pack amiibo: so I can get them ASAP. Everyone else CAN get them at the same time, but I’ll know for a fact that I’m getting it the day it releases.

      1. It’s honestly not much different from buying a subscription on the day the paid online starts. Preordering it & ordering it on the same day it starts takes the same amount of time regardless since it’s digital. As soon as you pay for it, it starts from that day forward. Now if pre-ordering it meant you get it a few days before everyone else then you are getting something out of it. Otherwise, not much else changes.

      2. Til_1k reminds me. If preordering through a 3rd party, they gotta send you a code to put on your Switch to activate the paid online when it starts in September so my bad but it takes longer to get the service started when preordering if done through a 3rd party. And as Til_1k said, that’s IF they don’t send your code a day late because their system messed up for whatever reason.

    1. Yeah it’s gonna be an exiting day when they release this.
      Pay and … just the same as before, online. That’s it.

      Oh and a new game, like on Nes mini console, a game you play 1 hour and never again.
      Gonna be crazy game day when the pre order unlocks, can’t wait to be part of this here. Roll Eyes.

      1. That’s not my problem I don’t have no issue with paying and I don’t give af about your response everyone is different don’t expect everyone to think from your pov we already knew since the switch launch that online was coming why are you coming out now with complaints

      2. @Felixgray Durr Durr derp. An idiot and his wallet. Bet you cry on youtube how Apple sucks. You have no problem paying for this because it’s the only thing you can afford, smart and rich people are rich because they don’t waste their money like peasants do. durr durr

  1. It’s summer time, think I’m gonna spend my money on something else instead of the most boring pre-order ever.

    1. Some people are so bored with the Switch I guess, that’s why need a PC or something else otherwise this is the only poop you look forward too. Like it’s just pay and boom, that’s it you can play online like how it was before, just 20 dollars less on your bank account derp derp duuuur

      1. You don’t seem to have any brain cells. You really have no idea how paying for a service improves it. You can’t offer extra things for free. Claim to be master race but you act 10. True master race plays all platforms. Fake master race is something PC users made up to feel good about themselves.

        Given your username is girlslayer, I’m 95% going to assume you’re in the one hand band club.

  2. It’s good we’re getting somewhere. Although, Nintendo still has a ways to go.

    At the very least, I’m glad we’re finally getting cloud saves. Can’t argue with that price either.

    I remember saying I’d be willing to pay for a service rather than getting the half baked online with the Wii U if it means getting proper online.

    Not quite there, but we’ll see what happens.

    1. The price will go up like Netflix, Sony PS4 sub and Blizzard WOW subs.

      At the end of the Switch you will pay Almost double and they will justify it with N64 VC ports into the sub.
      And the derps will all use that in defense for justifying the purchase.

      You guys always echoing the same derp derp durrrr I have read your comment like 20 times now, here, reddit and youtube. You guys just can’t think for yourselves do you ? Deeerp

    1. Nope, just when you go online it will show a window for the eshop and on the eshop you have new tab with the free Nes game for the month, that’s it. What did you expect a total revolution or new game ????? wake up. It’s nothing

  3. I wish they’d reveal the full details before September but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna be the case. And since that isn’t the case, I pity anyone pre-ordering the service before they have the full details.

    1. What details ??? Your online doesn’t work anymore and you get one free nes game ? You need a full tutorial … oh wait I know you want to get hyped up !!! you need a special video about online, LOL LOL LOL

      It’s like a MMO sub, you pay and you have access

      1. Either you’re going full on troll mode & pretending to be ignorant of some things concerning Nintendo Switch Online to annoy & get a rise out of certain people or you are just ignorant and haven’t checked the page on the Nintendo site detailing Nintendo Switch Online. If the latter, I should tell you there are some details about Nintendo Switch Online they haven’t revealed yet & are holding back. If the former, you’re wasting your time on me, buddy. Don’t let the icon fool you as I’m not one of these Nintendo fanatics that’s gonna get all upset & cry because you insulted “Mah Nintendo!”

  4. Cool, looking forward to playing nes games on the switch.
    I know I’ve played like MARIO 3 and SMW about a million times, but I hope these are added a long with gc games.
    My switch is gona melt when winter comes with the amount of extra time and games I gotta play.

    1. Don’t worry it will melt even if you only play just one game, it’s called Switch bending.
      Enjoy your nes game for 20 bucks lol, a nes mini cost 20 bucks here

      1. Well I have played mine a lot the last year and half (95% portable mode) and it ain’t bent yet.
        £20 for a year online which Microsoft and Sony have always charged for this service. We knew it was coming and a few bonus games is ok. We’ll see how that goes.
        I’m sure 39p a week isn’t gona break everyone’s bank.

  5. I don’t see a point in preordering a subscription for a digital service that goes live for everyone everywhere simultaneously. I think I’ll just buy it through the eShop once it goes up.

    1. Some are probably doing it under the mistaken belief that it’s gonna save them some time. Which won’t be the case since they’ll have to wait for an email from Amazon with a code they have to input on the Switch to activate it. But they’ll find that out when they preorder it on Amazon… If they bother to read the fine print, that is, when preordering it on Amazon.

          1. Aren’t there strikes and protests going on over working conditions at their warehouses?

            And, I believe I read somewhere that, as a multi million dollar company, they paid no taxes last year. If that’s true, I won’t stand for it.

            1. No clue. I’ve been so focused on the Disney/Fox/Comcast stuff for the last few months, watching YouTube videos (mostly entertainment focused videos) the last few months, friends & family Facebook stuff, & this site that I haven’t paid much attention to much else.

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