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Falcom President Says He Wants To Get Closer To Nintendo

In a recent interview with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo and founder Masayuki Kato, the team put to rest the notion that Falcom hates Nintendo and why they decided to back Sony’s PSP rather than the Nintendo DS, which proved to the more popular console by far. Here’s what they said according to Siliconera who translated the interview.

When you released games on PSP was there any trouble deciding on the platform?

Toshihiro Kondo, Falcom President: At the time the Nintendo DS was extremely popular, so there was a flow of all the companies going with DS. After looking at the lineup of games that were selling on DS, we had a bit of a difficult time picturing our products fitting in there. Family-oriented games and games focusing on a younger audience were the ones becoming hits, after all.

In the end, the reason we decided to go with the PSP was because we determined that PSP users and Falcom fans simply overlapped. Although it was from there that people started saying “Falcom hates Nintendo.” [laughs]

Masayuki Kato, Falcom Founder: That’s right, always from a certain message board. [laughs]

Toshihiro Kondo: It’s not that we hate them, rather, we’ve always been wanting to become closer to them. [laughs]

When the DS was booming, I went with former president Yamasaki (former Falcom president Shinji Yamasaki) to greet them in Kyoto. At the time we even had their approval for development.

Rather than it being about console wars, I truly felt that “having released games on PSP” rejuvenated Falcom fans.

Toshihiro Kondo: As a result, I believe we felt that “it went well.” However, when we visited Kyoto that time, we went with newly written plans for a command-based RPG type of Ys game. It’s a shame that we couldn’t make it happen…

So we went that far and still had to be told “Falcom is hating”? [laughs]

Masayuki Kato: Yup. [laughs]

Toshihiro Kondo: Even recently right before releasing Ys VIII on the Nintendo Switch there was a bit of online flaming going on. Our publisher Nippon Ichi Software even got a phone call from Nintendo’s PR asking “Are you guys okay? and “Is Falcom okay?” But we didn’t think much of it.


10 thoughts on “Falcom President Says He Wants To Get Closer To Nintendo”

  1. Oh, but of course. Before, Falcon gives a damn about Nintendo, but as soon as Nintendo made a good console that sells like hot cake… “we want to come closer…”

    What a slimy bastard B(

    1. Well I really don’t care it’s just business don’t take it personal lol anyways I need some legend of heroes series on switch so I embrace this to the fullest !!!

    2. Not really. They’re talking about their decision to support the PSP over the DS, the second best selling console of all time. People then were saying they must hate Nintendo because they went to a console that wasn’t selling near as much. Now they’re supporting a console selling well (but certainly not as well as the DS sold), and they’re only doing it because of good sales?

      I mean, Nintendo’s PR even felt they needed to check in with them because they were worried about the online harassment and name calling they were getting.

    3. And you must be part of those people overreacting & crying “Falcom hates Nintendo! Waaaah!” they were talking about. Congrats! You are officially part of the toxic Nintendo fanbase kissing Ninty’s ass & attacking everyone else that doesn’t do the same! *claps* Whatever, though. Haters gonna hate.

      1. And you must be one of those complainers, who simply can’t deal with the fact that a company is flawed from time to time, ey?

  2. Nice of Nintendo to care about Falcom dealing with toxic Nintendo fans. Some of Ninty’s fans could take a few cues from the very company they worship on how to treat some 3rd parties.

  3. Andrew Joseph Curran

    Video game politics are just as dumb as our real world politics. The only difference is video game politics are grounded in NO REAL RELEVANCY. It’s like gang wars. All of the issues are fabricated and hear-say.

    I could give a crap if Falcom or any other company has a history of disapproval or rejection for Nintendo products. If a company puts a good game/ game I’m interested in, on a Nintendo platform that I own, then I’m going to purchase the game and play it. End of story.

    So, for clarifications sake, this includes: SEGA, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Konami, and every other “controversial” gaming company, etc.

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