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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Patch Coming Tomorrow Includes New Expansion Pass Content

The latest update to the huge Xenoblade Chronicles 2 arrives tomorrow and it is sure to please fans, especially those who invested in the Expansion Pass. The details were provided on the official Nintendo website and translated by Reset Era member Duckroll. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Final quest pack includes 5 new quests, 3 of them involve a number of rare blades, the last one involves KOS-MOS and Shiki (Adenine).
  • New Rare Blade quest for Hibana, designed by Atto
  • New items to exchange for in the Challenge Arena, costumes as well as items to increase Tora’s Idea
  • Extreme and Custom difficulties added
  • New Setting option will change the Unique Monster BGM to “You Will Know Our Names” (XB1 UM Theme) when Shulk and Fiora is in your party


11 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Patch Coming Tomorrow Includes New Expansion Pass Content”

  1. Hopefully I can use the custom difficulty to finally beat Dino Drama and unlock Shulk and Fiora in the game proper. Also that music change sounds really nice.

  2. So now they are done with all the DLC, they will fix the low FPS and bad resolution un docked, like they promised and told us when everyone complained in December . They said DLC first, because people already paid the 60 and they don’t care anymore so first focus on DLC for FRESH money.

    I guess not and refuse buy any dlc, I’ll wait till next game, if it’s still the same BS and Nintendo doesn’t care, I am so done with the Monolith soft.

    Game would look good on a PS4 or whatever. Super sharp, 60 FPS

    Ps; don’t reply will not care, nor read, none will say something interesting just some kids here raging and licking each other buds.

    1. Game would look good on PS4 if Nintendo didn’t already own 100% of Monolith Soft Studio mean that dream will literally never come true. Also this is not the final DLC, the final one comes out in a month or two aka the biggest DLC that is also getting a standalone physical release.

    2. Please, you will definitely read any and all replies to your comments 😂 Would love to know where you crawled out from?

    3. Well we all know why it had these issues bc they were low on man power and priority compared to other games being worked on. (plus time crunch) So u culd say it was more on Nintendos fault by not caring about the game as much as the others they had Monolith helping with.
      No amount of patches wuld “fix” this. Dont know where u heard them “promising” to fix it, maybe better loading/asset loading but thts it.

  3. Bright side of losing my Switch: the games I already got (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Mario Odyssey, & Xenoblade Chronicles 2) on it will have all the DLC released & most (or all) bugs fixed by the time I get a new Switch. (That’s also the good thing about having a backlog of games, too.)

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