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Major UK Retailer Lists LEGO Harry Potter Collection For Nintendo Switch

UK retailer Argos has listed the charming LEGO Harry Potter Collection for the Nintendo Switch. The remastered collection is currently only available on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Warner Bros and TT Games have been strong supporters of the Nintendo Switch, bringing a number of LEGO titles to the platform. The catalogue listing says it is due for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this November. We shall have to wait for further confirmation.



10 thoughts on “Major UK Retailer Lists LEGO Harry Potter Collection For Nintendo Switch”

  1. Nintendo First Order General Alex213

    I play this game on ds, 3ds and ps3. Yes this game not too good but i like only need buy two games to play all harry potter storys. I love nintendo gbc, ds, gamecube potter games but need buy one book (movie) one game :(
    In this lego Collection is full Harry story :)
    I hope in Switch version look better like in ps3..

  2. These games are very average and the Switch Tax strikes again, probably to pay for the cartridge. Thank Nintendo for using an expensive, limited capacity proprietary cartridge.

  3. Ah yes. Back before they started shoehorning the audio from the films into the Lego games based on said films. Those were the days. I haven’t been interested in Lego games since.

    1. Idk I liked Lego Batman 2. It wasn’t even based on a movie- it’s a new story but they got the regular Batman voice cast. It’s my favorite Lego game. But my second favorite is probably Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga if that means anything to you. I like what I’ve seen of Dimensions. There are some pretty interesting references. Like if you have Bart and Sonic together, Sonic will say a line that he says in an old episode of The Simpsons from maybe season 7 or 8. It’s really neat that they paid that much attention to detail.

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