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US: Nintendo Says Last Chance To Get Switch And Select Software Title For $329 At Walmart

Nintendo of America has informed consumers that it is the last day to get the Nintendo Switch along with a select software title revealed below for $329. The deal is exclusive to North American chain Walmart. So if you’ve yet to purchase a Nintendo Switch now it is the perfect time to do so along with one of the great four titles available in the promotion.

10 thoughts on “US: Nintendo Says Last Chance To Get Switch And Select Software Title For $329 At Walmart”

  1. Hey Nintendo It’s also your last chance to prove yourself with good hardware, because the joy cons are a bunch of garbage, can’t move my legs or they already lag, now I have drift AGAIN ! So this will be the third left overpriced joy con I have to buy.

    Maybe next time make some quality made in Japan, stuff instead of this garbage and use us as beta testers.

    Last chance or I’ll go Pc gaming.

    1. So I know you’re trying hard to troll, but the joy-con drift I’ve experienced myself. If anyone’s struggling with that, I solved it easily by using a tool to carefully lift the little rubber flap and blasting with canned air. Instant fix for me anyways.

      1. What troll ? Are you 12 ?

        Yes amazing advice, 20 year old gaming company still can’t make thumb sticks, they used the left overs from N64 sticks ?

        It’s 80 bucks for joy con and blowing air into it is a design flaw, the whole Switch hardware needs a redesign.
        Blow air into it is just temp. fix everyone knows that by now.

        Maybe next time when you fanboy don’t forget to tell them it will bend, you need cloth into the dock against scratches.
        Joy cons will lag if you have legs and you need to blow air into it every week.

        Garbage and feel ripped of. I’m going PC after Pokemon, bye

        Not gonna be beta tester again, remember 3DS needed 3 new models before they finally fixed the cracked hinge.
        The lines on the upper screen. What a joke for the oldest gaming company, they still can’t do hardware.

        It’s time Nintendo does Software only, even Xenoblade 2 has to suffer on garbage specs. Game has to be from 2009 to run decent. Sign so sick of it. So next time don’t forget the negatives when your FREE promote the plastic your life depends on.

        1. The sites had a troll that keeps popping in changing their name with clever little things like Nintendofool. Maybe that’s not you and you’re just angry. I wasn’t trying to EXCUSE the analog issue, I would have just ignored you. I was literally trying to help others with the problem. Of course the screen scratching and disconnects were resolved after the first batch, and both were problems… but I’ve been through a lot of console launches. I’ve dealt with overheating, red rings, analog and dpad failures. Analog sticks rubbing on screens when closed. I’ve opened up and repaired at least 5 controllers, the pins on several older cartridge systems, batteries in games, etc. DOA 3d cards, processors, monitors, power supplies dying too soon. I’m so used to failures like that, especially on new releases, I just roll with it. It is a problem, they do need to do better, and should be held accountable though.

          As for software, Xenoblade is the only N game I’ve played where I thought “hey this could look better.” But it was also one of the few that I played mostly docked (pretty much that and Zelda).

          As a PC gamer that builds my own rigs… you’re not going to be better off if you want to avoid hardware failure. Expect at least one RMA while building. And my new mid tier GPU costs more than the Switch.

      2. N is 35 years in video games industry, not 20, however your lack of knowledge isn’t surprising – it’s common that trolls don’t know what they’re talking about. If you aren’t totally blind you must see that joysticks on the joy-cons aren’t nowhere near the N64-ones – these weren’t even clickable! Scratches are minor issue that’s caused by the users not being careful enough, I own Switch for more than a year and my screen is still without any scratches. Don’t think someone will miss you, why should N need someone who doesn’t even know how long they are in the business so desperately that they would redesign their products?

    2. So first things first, Joy-Cons aren’t overpriced as they contain a lot of technologies in really small package – all buttons, 3 hrs battery, HD rumble, motion sensors and NFC touchpoint. All of these technologies aren’t free and getting them inside the small shells also probably wasn’t the easiest. I have never experienced lag myself, however it’s known that first design of the left joy-con had badly placed antenna, you can send it to N to repair (they will place inside piece of inductive foam that will strengthen the signal) or you can repair it yourself, there is lot of videos about it on YouTube. About the stick issue, that is widely spread defect, however I think it’s understandable given the fact how many technologies joy-cons contain – more technologies, more possibilities for something to go wrong. You can buy Pro controller, if you don’t like joy-cons. I don’t think N will make new controllers just because some kid like you threatens them that he’ll go PC gaming… how funny.

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