Nintendo Switch

Video: SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy – Features Trailer

The team at NIS America has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy which releases on the Nintendo Switch, 7th September. The trailer looks at the various features in the game as well as providing players with a glimpse of the single-player campaign. Take a look below.



  1. Im a bit on the fence about this one. In the end I just may check this out. I love SNK, “Heroines” looks kind of girly to me. On the other hand so was D.O.A. Xtreme Beach Volleyball, & I bought that so……..LMAO.


    1. Meh, I’m skipping it. The game has been looking pretty unpolished and the blatant fan service isn’t going to sell me on it.
      The Switch really isn’t hurting for fighting games right now.


  2. The best thing about this game: your partner stands in the background while waiting to be tagged in. If they get KO’d, I wonder if you can see them in the background on the ground resting. More straight up fighting games need to do this like Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter.


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