Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Will Soon Be Available In Turkey

If you’re a gamer living in Turkey, there is some good news. Nintendo has announced that the region will soon be able to get the Switch. Unfortunately, hardware and software is going to be expensive. For example, the Switch console will be 2,399 TL, which is the equivalent of $495 USD. Super Mario Odyssey will be 379 TL, or $79 USD/£377. Lastly, If you thought the Pro Controller was expensive in other regions, then get ready for a price of 499 TL, or $102 USD/£78. CD Media, a Nintendo distributor, commented about the news, so we’ve included their statement down below.

We are honored and proud to advise of our exclusive contract with NINTENDO for TURKEY…our new company CD Media Turkey based in Istanbul will soon provide Turkish Nintendo fans and consumers with all of the wonderful cutting edge Nintendo products, SWITCH, LABO, AMIBO, etc and the full range of software. We will be providing Turkish language manuals, web site and technical support, all based on our current experience with Nintendo in the wider Balkan region. We are looking forward to supporting key local Turkish retail and independents with the full range of Nintendo consoles,accessories and games.”

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  1. This is pretty cool.
    And for all the parents that need to fork out quite a bit for the switch and accessories for their kids, they sure as well make up for it with their cheap alcohol etc.


  2. Dictator country. Suprised that paranoia leader allowed western stuff, he sure they ain’t spying on him with the Switch ?

    Maybe they do a coup again with Mario.


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