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The Hariet Hat & Hariet Suit Are Now Available In Super Mario Odyssey

Another outfit is now available in Super Mario Odyssey. The Hariet Hat and Hariet Suit can be purchased in the Crazy Cap shop. This outfit, obviously, is another one that is based on one of the Broodals. The Hariet Hat will cost you 3,000 coins, and the Hariet Suit requires 5,000 coins.  As for the other Broodals, Topper and Rango’s outfits have already been released.

Source: Super Mario Odyssey

34 thoughts on “The Hariet Hat & Hariet Suit Are Now Available In Super Mario Odyssey”

      1. It was a good game yeah, I’m a huge Mario fan for the last like nearly 30 years but Odyssey was a huge letdown, so over hyped, personally I don’t like costumes it is pointless, game was way too easy barring the last level and the fact we saw so much of it online and at shows, nearly half the game! Lol … Switch needs Galaxy 3, like the fans wanted!

      2. SR388: There were many optional difficult levels that could be easily found throughout the whole game, so I really don’t understand your point. If you missed difficult platforming, why did you avoid those levels? I do, however, agree with the fact that they showed too much and therefore the game was less surprising than it could have been.

      1. @SR388 Don’t fall for the troll bait, he want’s to bait you into getting angry ( because he is angry and want you at his level )

        Off course it’s all about you ! You are the gamer, the customer. You need to be happy or Nintendo has to change. It’s about you and me and others. That’s why we have an comment section, unlike P Edwards WE are not connected to a Hive Mind, telling us what to do, say and think.

        Not sure if P Edwards has permission from Lenin or Adolf’s hive Mind to reply to me, oh well Xxx

      2. Yeah. It isn’t all about you. Some people didn’t buy Odyssey on release day, someone could be buying it today and has been waiting for months. Odyssey is the top-selling Switch game with over 11 million copies, why wouldn’t they keep supporting it? How is it dead if it keeps selling?

        You and @BlindSheep are “gimme gamers”, where you think the industry revolves around you. Clearly none of you understand commerce, sales or retail. If you’re done with Odyssey, then sell your copy and move on. I don’t think Odyssey is the best Mario game of all time, but I’ve enjoyed it long after release day.

        I wonder if you’ll say God of War 4 is a dead game by Christmas?

        1. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the actual trolls on here are just 2-4 anons with no account just making up a random name before posting to make it SEEM like they are numerous when they really aren’t.

      3. I don’t see any reason why P Edwards should be troll, his response is completely correct – the new content isn’t intended for the players who completed it, it’s for new players who still buy the game. Also, he is active in MyNNews’ comments section several weeks and he always responded in polite, non-trolling way. So please, stop marking all the comments you don’t like as “trolling” and present real counter-arguments instead.

  1. I come back to this game from time to time (because theres just so many gosh dang moons to collect) so it’s nice there’s little updates like these whenever I do come back.

    1. Luigi’s balloon world is the best way to get coins (assuming it hasn’t become filled with just out-of-bounds balloons at this point).

      1. Try the lake kingdom. If you’re good at capturing a cheep cheep and descending down the well, it’s a good place to farm balloons. Just look for the arrows pointing down when you are picking balloons.

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      Guess your never to young for Vietnam flashbacks.

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        Do I make you nervous ? You think I’m cute, you think I’m funny, private ?

    1. Good ! we don’t want your cancer comment youtube spam.

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  2. What do you mean a DEAD game? You are confusing video games with the products you keep in your refrigerator and must be consumed before the expiry date. Video games are meant to be played and enjoyed no matter when they were developed.

    1. Indeed, people are gonna pay a sub to play nes games, after they sold you nes Classic mini.

      It’s timeless art, well some of them, some are sport games or shooters.
      Most Nintendo 1st party is timeless. I still have DS and 3DS games waiting to be played for the first time.

  3. Its great that we are getting all these new updates but ultimately they shouldn’t be releasing these so far out from the release date when the game wasn’t that long. Some new costumes more than likely aren’t enough to bring people back to a game they finished months ago.

    1. True. But they probably want to tease us with possible DLC. It would make no sense to not add DLC to one of the best games last year.

      1. They will probably do a BOTW-like expansion with something smaller first then a bigger expansion later on.

  4. Kinda would make sense and put something, oh, like, this and other Broodal outfits are only available after you clear the game. It’s really stupid how people don’t check their posts once in a while.

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