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Video: Nintendo Minute Plays Overcooked! 2’s Versus Mode

Kit and Krysta are back with a brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. This week, the pair decided to play Overcooked! 2, but with a twist. They said in the video description that “we cooked up something extra special for you today. We’re playing versus mode in Overcooked! 2 which launches for Nintendo Switch on Aug. 7 but we added a little twist. We’re also going to see who can dice an onion IRL as part of the challenge. The best dicer might not be the best gamer”. Here’s the video:


9 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute Plays Overcooked! 2’s Versus Mode”

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  2. Nintendo Minute confirmes that Switch is for kids. Like seriously does Nintendo even know who they are targeting anymore ? First it’s Karen on the roof now it’s children, shiiiiiit make up your mind.

    1. You know, I hate it when people say the switch ‘is for kids’. Obviously they are the main audience, but I know plenty of adults who play switch. Give me your reasoning. I would honestly like to hear it.

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