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Video: Check Out The New Animated Trailer For Dead Cells On Nintendo Switch

To coincide with the imminent release of Dead Cells, a new animated trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure. The upcoming action title puts you in control of a failed alchemic experiment trying to figure out what’s happening on an ever-changing and cursed island. Features include progressive exploration, nonlinear progression and a combat system designed to be tough but fair. Dead Cells is set to launch on Tuesday, August 7, for Nintendo Switch.

8 thoughts on “Video: Check Out The New Animated Trailer For Dead Cells On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Game looks very appealing and the challenge looks real good. However I just got Enter the Gungeon when it was on sale and Iconoclasts. I’ll have to wait and hope to get a deal on it. I do want to play it but I’ve got plenty of dungeon rougelike and metroidvania action going on right now. Hollow Knight also has some free DLC coming up this month.

    It’s been good.

  2. I see this game gameplay on YouTube. Game look good, something like Dark souls 2D :)
    But physical release not chance :(

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