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Nintendo UK Store: Nintendo Labo – Vehicle Kit Available To Pre-Order

The Nintendo Official UK Store has informed customers that the recently announced Nintendo Labo – Vehicle Kit is now available to pre-order. If you wish to purchase it the product launches on 14th September and is priced up at £59.99. Here’s the details:

“A new way to play. Nintendo Labo. By assembling sheets of cardboard into a variety of shapes called Toy-Con, and combining them with Nintendo Switch, you can bring them to life! Nintendo Labo lets anyone pick up and enjoy making, playing and discovering.

Inside this set you will find a variety of Toy-Con’s which you can use to explore a vast open world by land, sea or air!

This Bundle includes the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit for the Nintendo Switch and also the Official Nintendo Labo Marker Set and Pencil Case!”



6 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store: Nintendo Labo – Vehicle Kit Available To Pre-Order”

  1. The game you get with it looks pretty good/fun.

    Maybe I’m gonna order this secretly online, no one will ever know, prefect.
    Too bad it’s so expensive or I already would tried it out. Can’t now since I have to step my foot on and trow it
    away before the wife comes home, or I can pack my stuff if she sees me with this.

    Never go full cardboard.

  2. I can’t wait for this kit! I will go straight into walmart on opening day and run towards it, embracing it passionately. I don’t even care if anyone stares.

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