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Starlink Producer Reveals How The Star Fox Collaboration Came About

Japanese publication Famitsu recently had the chance to speak to Matthew Rose who is the producer of the upcoming Starlink from Ubisoft. The magazine questioned him to find out how the Star Fox collaboration came about. Here’s what he said:

  • During a small-scale closed-doors demo event last year, Reggie was present and happened to see the game. Reggie was the one who noticed the possibilities the game could bring, and invited the Starlink developers to present the game to Miyamoto and the Star Fox development team. This was what led to the collaboration.
  • The demo has not shown off every spacecraft and parts that are on offer, and the game also has post-launch DLC planned in the form of new spacecraft.
  • Fox’s pilot abilities are still a secret, but Matthew reassures that his personality, and the Arwing’s abilities, will be faithfully reproduced. The development team are big fans of the Star Fox series after all.
  • Matthew confirms once again that the whole game is beatable with just the Starter Pack parts.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

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