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Chrom & Dark Samus Will Be Playable In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Two new Echo Fighters are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Fire Emblem’s Chrom and Metroid’s Dark Samus were revealed in today’s Smash Direct. A few more fighters will be announced before the game releases, so stay tuned for more reveals. In the meantime, Nintendo officially tweeted the announcement, so we’ve included their tweet down below.

34 thoughts on “Chrom & Dark Samus Will Be Playable In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

    1. Chrom looked more like an Ike echo than Marth. He used the same up B Ike has.

      Now we have Marth, Girl Marth, Red Marth, Buff Marth, Magic Marth, Dragon Marth, and now Daddy Marth.

  1. Wow. If Sakurai added these knuckleheads in… we might as well start expecting any fan favorite that could be an easy echo fighter to be included in Ultimate.

      1. Chrom was only one of the main characters of Awakening. And Dark Samus didn’t even exist until the end of the first Prime.

        My point is… Both characters are unintersting as additions to Smash BUT they got in as echo fighters so… The bar for an echo fighter is much lower than expected…. Or rather, echo fighters are becoming more for fan service.

  2. That remix during the dark samus reveal really sucked, IMO as far as metroid music goes the original tunes are better than the remixes.

  3. Not gonna lie, was expecting Shadow when Sakurai said two more echoes. At least he’s not deconfirmed as an Assist Trophy.

  4. Missed opportunity to not have the tagline be “Chrom’s time is now!” Too close to Cena’s “My time is now!”?

    I always knew Dark Samus was gonna be a clone with only a tiny alteration to her attacks to make her seem different from Samus. Shame. Like Ganondorf, she deserves better. Could have at least made her Final Smash be different from Samus’ like maybe possessing Rundas (that guy deserves a nod.) Did he appear as a assist trophy by any chance?

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