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King K. Rool Joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As a surprise at the end of the Super Smash Bros themed Nintendo Direct the company revealed that King K. Rool will appear as a playable character in the game for the first time. You’ll know him from the Donkey Kong Country series of games and has been long requested by fans.





  1. By god, they did it. They finally did it. And they even pooled his moveset from all 4 games he was in.

  2. Fun fact: Sakurai voices Dedede. So when Dedede trolled as King K. Rool, it was Sakurai trolling as well.

    1. It’s such a weird but unique voice… I want to know how he does it. Wondering if there’s special Audio Effects added or if it is all natural.

  3. Still no Dixie!? Seriously Dixie should be a playable character, I’m just hoping since they haven’t announced her as an assist that she’ll be a DLC character or something.

    Smash needs more female characters that aren’t princesses. Would also love to see Rabbid Peach.

  4. I can’t believe this! I thought i would never see my boy again. I hope his final smash is farting on retro for thinking the are too big for the likes of him. Thank you nintendo!

  5. King Dedede got screwed in that portrait in the beginning as you only see Meta Knight.

    Anyway, with King K. Rool in the game, this finally kills that annoying “But Rare owns King K. Rool!” nonsense. (The “Ridley is too big!” shit is also finally dead, too! Yay!) Loved Rool’s Final Smash.

    1. As a side note, Donkey Kong Country 6 needs to reveal King K. Rool is responsible for the villains of Returns & Tropical Freeze. He needs a big comeback in the games & being the mastermind behind the previous two big baddies would be perfect.

      1. Maybe like… K.Rool and the Kremlings are the ones that chased the Snowmads out of their previous home base before they set their eyes on Kong Island?

        1. More along the lines of the leader of the Tikis & Snowmads are actually K.Rool’s generals that he gained sometime after the last time he failed to defeat Donkey Kong and sent them to try again in his stead.

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