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Ubisoft Confirms STEEP Development On The Nintendo Switch Has Been Stopped

The visually impressive STEEP was announced for the Nintendo Switch quite some time ago, but since that time little has been said or shown of the game by Ubisoft. The company revealed today that development of the action sports game has stopped and that they are now concentrating their efforts on the current systems which STEEP is available on. They will have more information to share on this soon.

We are wholly dedicated to supporting the live game, and made the decision to stop Steep development on the Nintendo Switch platform to focus on bringing new live content and challenges to Steep players instead. Weโ€™ll have more exciting news to share soon.


39 thoughts on “Ubisoft Confirms STEEP Development On The Nintendo Switch Has Been Stopped”

  1. It would have been in their best interest to hand the port to Panic Button and they would have done a fine job with the port, basically anything too hard to port to Switch should be handled by Panic Button.

  2. Let’s just stop fooling around and get SSX Tricky Remastered released on Switch. Nothing else will be good enough.

      1. I checked up on MHW on PC now, and that games (especially on CPU) is demanding waaaaaaay more than Doom. If Doom barely made it on Switch, MHW seems like an impossible case.

  3. Honestly most of us probably moved on. Steep mighta done well as a launch window game but now thereโ€™s just to many other things to devote my time to that I would have never bought it anyway. Feel bad for those who wanted it though, hopefully 1080 makes a return.

  4. I guess they never really worked on it for the Switch. They saw the sales and knew bringing it to Switch would not improve it at all in sales. My guess.

    No worries I only need 1080 snowboarding, GOLDEN FOREST Bu bu bu mu du du du duuuu bu bu mmmm du du du

  5. The worst thing is, that they never really talked about it and reconfirmed that is is still in development, just a month ago

  6. Andrew Joseph Curran

    Too bad. I would have bought it. It would be cool to see another studio swoop in and save this game since its already been partially worked on.

    1. Doubt it, Namco rarely ever cancels any big games. The last HUGE one they canceled was back in the Gamecube days when they Announced Tales of Legendia (which was originally supposed to be the sequel to Tales of Symphonia) It ended up being its own games in the tales series though. They canceled a few during the PS3/360 days, but they were all very obscure games. Souls is one of their biggest IP’s, so I doubt theyll cancel it.

    1. It doesn’t matter it should still be on the switch cause this is the next game on the list of many that skips the Switch wich means another generation withouth solid third party support. Maby if they focused more on the home console part instead of handheld third party would be more intrested in releasing there games for the Switch but what do I know right.

      So far ill have to buy a Switch for Zelda and Metroid and thats it really. Not worth the 350 bucks what so ever. Mario is nice but I beat it way to easily with mario galaxy atleast died like twice fully completing the game 100%

  7. 1 month ago: “The Steep team stated in October that this is still planned. The release date is still TBD, and we donโ€™t have further information to share at this time. Thank you for your interest!”

  8. A mediocre Snowboarding game that somehow grew “anticipation” from SWITCH owners? People please!

    Give me SSX, 1080ยฐ, ….hell- you can give me some Shawn White Snowboarding from the Wii!! (That shit was really fun)
    But yall took all this time (UBISOFT) in trying to hype up STEEP? F**k OUTTA HERE!!

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