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Sakurai Says He Will Continue Making Smash Bros Games “If The Demand Is There”

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai and his team have undoubtedly worked extremely hard on the next edition of the Smash Bros series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo presentation yesterday reinforced just how much work has gone into the franchise as a whole. Speaking to The Guardian,ย Sakurai noted that as long as the demand is there from gamers he will continue making games in the series.

“The best way to enjoy video games is to play what other people have made. But at the same time, I have a role. At this point I have been asked to create Smash and so I am doing that, and will continue to do so if the demand is there.”


59 thoughts on “Sakurai Says He Will Continue Making Smash Bros Games “If The Demand Is There””

  1. Hmm… I hope he can do other projects alongside Smash. He can hand off some of the mundane tasks to his team and develop other games, Kid Icarus or something entirely new! :)

    1. mostly likely he will since this smash is supposed to hold us out till the next gen nintendo system which may be in another 5 years or more

      1. I don’t think the Switch will last that long… the next generation is at the door now and the Switch is already two generations behind if we’re being completely honest. I hope we don’t see a new smash for another 5 years and it is completely different when it does come out. I really hope that their is less Fire Emblem characters in the next smash… I haven’t seen that much androgyny since the 80s. Anyway, on to the next. :)

    1. I concur, sure Smash Bros. is awesome and we want more but Sakurai’s health should be a priority and yes we don’t deserve him because he not only is awesome, he is also the best troll.

    1. Sakurai will add him eventually. Just like he added Villager, Ridley, King K. Rool, etc. The problem actually lies with how will he add Waluigi? Will he be an original character or a clone? Will he get Captain Ganondorf’d? Or will he be his own Man?

      1. He’ll be an echo fighter of Geno.

        No, he’d probably be unique… and he probably would actually be in smash eventually but I have doubts since those trolls harassed him and it’d probably set a dangerous precedent to give in to such harassing fans. Then we’d get campaigns for Goku, Shrek, and Sans…

      2. Maybe once Waluigi is properly incorporated into the Wario franchise, he’ll have a chance.

        And then Sakurai can start picking on Ingo/Gorman, as well as Tingle.

        Speaking of misbranded buttmonkeys, Magikarp should replace Goldeen as the dud Pokemon.

      3. That still boggles my mind. I feel like Sakurai should change Goldeen to Magikarp AND add the incredibly small chance that the Magikarp will suddenly evolve into Gyarados and use Hyper Beam.

    2. Good. The demand for Waluigi is f*cking stupid. I’m glad he’s not giving in to EVERYTHING people want. Otherwise Smash is gonna start to look like a ridiculous bloated version of Mugen and not… like… a game that celebrates the best of the best gaming icons. The sort of icons who have had big influence in their respected franchise and genres. No giving into ridiculous trends and total fan demands either. A person really has to regulate and make sure the game remains a true and realized representation of gaming crossover between gaming iconcs. Not give into momentary memes.

      1. I agree with you.. but I don’t see how Waluigi is defined by that memeswell following the direct. For a character confined to sports games, he’s got a lotta nice details and consistency that people probably haven’t noticed.
        Plus he’d be good for smash because of the unique, goofy body type.

  2. It’s nice that this game is coming out so early in the Switch’s lifecycle, so he’ll probably be able to develop something else before the next home console is in development and they need a Smash for that. That’s why I honestly don’t want them to do DLC post launch. Or at least leave it to someone other than Sakurai.

  3. I’d SO much more prefer a Smash Bros. RPG game. Something similar to Kingdom Hearts. Smash Bros. is too catered to multi-player. We need a deep single-player RPG sort of game featuring an all-star cast. I’ve been saying this since the very first Smash Bros. game on N64.

  4. Well there’ll always be demand for more Smash Bros, but I don’t expect another entry until 8-10 years, or until Nintendo moves on from the Switch to another home console.

  5. This is going to be a lit smash bros. He says he doesn’t know what will be in the future, but I think there are endless possibilities. I think that the most likely one is… Smash Bros 3D. Don’t kill me! It’s just an obvious solution.

  6. Is there ever not going to be a demand?

    That said, I do appreciate Sakurai only makes one Smash Bros. per system instead of making it a yearly release. What’s wrong with making one game for a generation of systems (Well, one 3DS, one Wii U in the previous game’s case) and then continuing to support it the next few years? Oh right, some companies care more about money than fans and lock things behind day one DLC when it could easily have been put on-disc, and then make things even more unneccesary when said day one DLC is exclusive to preordering at a specific store. And don’t even get me started on full-priced games that may as well be pay-to-win.

  7. There will always be those who want Sakurai to be involved in the Smash Bros series. Or anything else either. But I hope he is willing to take a break, he is well known for working himself sick.
    So after Smash Bros Ultimate is done, I hope he gets the chance to play someone else’s games. After that, I want another Kid Icarus game.

  8. Andrew Joseph Curran

    I don’t even know how you can top Smash Bros at this point. It’s already the “ultimate” version. All the characters that I have ever wanted in Smash Bros are in the game and we have more stages than we would ever need. They could add more gaming modes and make the graphics prettier, but that’s pretty much it. More iterations of Smash will turn into a franchise like Fifa where we just get the same game over and over again with little changes here and there.

  9. That hardly seems to be a valid stipulation. Of COURSE there will be demand for Smash. This man has made a juggernaut of a series, and we all know from X-Men you can’t stop a juggernaut. With every console generation Nintendo makes new games, characters, and series that would only further add to what Smash could entail.

    That said, this new one looks to be more than enough until the inevitable next installment. I just hope that any DLC is handled by someone else so that Sakurai can take a well-deserved break.

  10. Okay. I would be fine if Ultimate was the last Smash bros. Even if we got a new one with Waluigi and Toad, the guest characters might not be so lucky. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  11. Maybe a non nintendo based smash bros done right. Or more 3rd party properties as assist trophies and playable characters. Just how this one is a dedication to all things nintendo well the next version can be dedicated to all things gaming.

  12. Poor Sakurai. 200 years from now, he’ll still be in the Smash office, trying to justify putting his great granddaughter’s neice’s recently deceased goldfish into Smash instead of Waluigi. Man needs a break to do other stuff. At least Ultimate is coming out near the beginning of the Switch’s lifespan. Then he’s got enough time between release date and the middle of the next console generation to get his own project made.

  13. I hope we get another chance to vote in a character for DLC. There are certain characters/types of characters we need, and it was really unfair that Bayonetta wasn’t in by default as Sega’s second rep.

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