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Pokemon Quest Mobile Revenue Is $8 Million After Just One Month

It seems as though Pokemon Quest is another free to play title which is raking in the cash for the Pokemon Company. The game initially arrived on the Nintendo Switch but shortly afterwards the mobile version was released. Sensor Tower is reporting that in just one month it has achieved a revenue stream of $8 million. Something that secures its status as a hit. Here’s more details and statistics from the site:

“The largest portion of Pokémon Quest revenue has come from players in Japan, who have accounted for 34 percent of the total. The United States ranks second in spending at 24 percent. Players in South Korea have contributed about 12 percent of the game’s haul to date. Most of this revenue has come from Pokémon Quest players on iOS, which represents about 66 percent of spending versus Google Play’s 44 percent.”


4 thoughts on “Pokemon Quest Mobile Revenue Is $8 Million After Just One Month”

  1. I got this on switch, and was disappointed that it was impossible to play on the big screen. After realizing that I’m basically not doing anything in it, I let it go. Let’s wait until Let’s Go.

    1. Ditto. I at least hoped it’d be like Pokemon Rumble on 3DS, which I had a lot of fun with, but Pokemon Quest isn’t really too fun if all you do is manage stats.

  2. Plus all the new voxel poke merch they could sell along with it.
    Pokemon: franchise first, video game series second.

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