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Fangamer: Undertale Physical Copies Available To Pre-Order

Undertale is yet another indie game that Nintendo Switch owners are looking forward to. I don’t believe we’ve had a release date yet for the west, but Fan Gamer have already listed the title as available for pre-order. There’s a special Collector’s Edition and a Standard Edition.



13 thoughts on “Fangamer: Undertale Physical Copies Available To Pre-Order”

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    1. I actually prefer that over regular CD cases, because the regular ones are so fragile and usually break during shipping already. Most of the times I order some kind of collector’s edition and it includes a soundtrack in a CD case, the case already has a few broken elements by the time I open it. Usually those “rips” in the center on which the CD is sitting.

  2. My kind of game, hoping to get the physical copy, as it’s really worth owning the game card, as well as the Collector’s Edition, as you end up getting bonuses you wouldn’t normally get in any other way.

  3. Huh. I sure hope the music locket doesn’t play ‘Megolavania’. I’ve heard that song so many times that now when I hear it I want to throw up.

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