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Video: Diablo III Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch

Yesterday the news came slightly early for the Diablo III Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch after Forbes mistakenly published the article earlier than they had intended. Today, the company has released the official announcement video. The video features both Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime and the CEO of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime. Have a watch down below.

Thanks to Christopher C for the tip!


  1. @1:13 you can see Mike cringe so hard with his eyes, it’s obvious what he is thinking of this childish presentation by, try hard, Reggie.

    They are just cashing out on PS3 port, they ain’t gonna let the sweet cash lay on the floor after seeing Skyrim easy sales on Switch.

    It’s obvious on Mike his face he isn’t passionate about this at all.

    Can’t wait for the real Nintendo games like Pokémon, Metroid, Fire emblem, smash. Not this cringe.

    1. Buddy we should all be grateful we’re getting third party titles this big after what we had with Wii U. Even if you don’t like the game it’s one of the most popular PC games to date. You’re just being ignorant smh …

    2. “Can’t wait for the real Nintendo games like Pokémon, Metroid, Fire emblem, smash. Not this cringe” I hate gate keeping and I hate you. Go away.

  2. Reggie looks way happier than Blizzard CEO !
    I guess working for Nintendo and with Nintendo products Is better for your mental state than blizzard games.

    Not that didn’t already know the past of WoW addicts and sad gamers at blizzard.

  3. Hmmm, i hope singleplayer dont need permanent internet connection :(
    Instant buy, look much better like victor vran. I play Only diablo 1 on psx, hope diablo 3 is good game for single gameplay..

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