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Blizzard Says Overwatch On Switch Could Be “Feasible” But It Is Down To Development Team

While there’s no confirmation that the Overwatch team is working on a Nintendo Switch version of the popular multiplayer title, it now seems that the task could be “feasible.” The news comes as GameSpot caught up with Diablo 3 senior producer Pete Stilwell. It seems as though it is possible to get Overwatch up and running on the Nintendo Switch, but it is down to the Overwatch team to put it into action.

“Anything is within the realm of possibility,” he said. “Our team was given the task to work on this. If [Overwatch developer] Team 4 picks up that endeavour, that’s on them. As of right now Diablo is our only focus on Switch.” Asked if he thinks Overwatch could run on Switch, Stilwell said, “Yes, it is feasible.”


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35 thoughts on “Blizzard Says Overwatch On Switch Could Be “Feasible” But It Is Down To Development Team”

    1. It’s different in gameplay. Paladins has some features that it feels like a MOBa like, choose the talent, choose the cards to give some bonus variables to the hero and there is in-match credit system for upgrade movements ecc, every hero is unique and has his ultimate attack when it’s charge and the matches are 5 vs 5.

      Overwatch, on the other hand, has many heroes which everyone is unique for his abilities and ultimate.

      That’s the simple difference.

    2. Overwatch is more shooter, faster paced, and heroes can be changed mid match. It’s very much Team Fortress 2. Paladins is more MOBA. I find Overwatch to have a lot more frustration, with more one hit KOs and faster/more punishing deaths in general. Last month I decided to pick up both and found I couldn’t stand Overwatch (and I used to love TF2). Paladins, on the other hand, has me hooked. I prefer the art style, characters, and pretty much everything, even though it lacks that Blizzard polish.

      I do play Paladins on the Switch on occasion, and its impressive to have handheld. The resolution in handheld is pretty bad though and the gameplay is even slower ,with people struggling with analog sticks. It’s amazing how bad everyone is compared to Splatoon with motion controls.

    3. both are boring garbage. It’s all about Splatoon 2. Blizzard games are Cash stores and loot box engines with a game build around. With blizzard games you never win, it’s endless casino covered in nice game art. Only the house Blizzard wins

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  2. I’m honestly sick of companies dancing around the subject only then to just release it. Jeff Kaplan once said “It would be cool but that may be something we do in the future; not anytime soon.” Then a Blizzard representative basically said no, and now this? Seriously, just stop talking about it and either do it or don’t.

    For me I’m not even interested in Overwatch on the Switch anymore; I already stopped playing Overwatch on PC due to slow updates and recycled events.

  3. When in doubt dump the responsibility to Panic Button, at least they polish the games they port even with sacrifices to resolution and/or framerate.

  4. It’s just a lazy cash PS3 port cash grab before it’s to late.They sure profited good from such a simple game.
    Remember after they cashed out enough on the Auction house, they deleted it after second expansion update.
    Thanks for the money.

    They can’t be bothered with other games since Blizzard is really Activision and it’s all about making people addicted to their casino games. All their games are based on the psychology of the rat reward experiment. They have these freaks in-house designing the games. Can you imagine.

    1. The only reason why they are suddenly so positive about Overwatch is because they wanna pull in the cash from diablo 3.
      If. their where honest and said no, people would boycott Diablo 3 on switch and give middle finger.

      Sad for the little kids here getting fooled by these freaks.

  5. Cool… I want Nintendo themed Skins for Overwatch… A Shiek skin for Genji or a Dedede /Bowser skin for Road Hog would be Dope… Oh and a Little Mac skin for Doomfist… lol… and maybe Pit for Phara or Mercy.. So Many Possibilities.

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