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Super Mario Odyssey Capture Set Officially-Licensed Pins Available Now

You can now expand your collection of merchandise based on Mario’s latest major outing. Available now for $35 at Penny Arcade, the Super Mario Odyssey Capture Set commemorates some of the handiest abilities Mario gains after capturing certain enemies, such as Cheep Cheeps, Chain Chomps and Bullet Bills. There are four officially-licensed pins in total – each of which measures at up to 1.5 inches in height. To learn more or purchase this product, click here.


8 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey Capture Set Officially-Licensed Pins Available Now”

  1. Unless you’re big collector for stuff like this, it’s definitely not worth it at that range.
    That’s literally the price of a 3DS game.

  2. Here’s an idea Nintendo; Make these (and several other Nintendo themed items) purchasable with My Nintendo Points.
    It will fill that long empty void that the Club Nintendo era left behind.

  3. Are you really telling me that buy two of this packs cost more than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… 5$ more and i might as well buy me another Mario game on 3DS instead of four tiny pretty pins… screw that, unless they made out of gold i ain’t willing to spend that much on tiny little pins!

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