Nintendo Switch

Gamescom 2018: FIFA 19 On Nintendo Switch Gameplay

The next edition of the annual FIFA franchise is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month and some of you might be wondering how it performs. Nintendo UK has showcased some gameplay of the football simulation title on the Switch and it’s looking good for football fans with improved visuals and animation over the previous iteration of the game. You can also play online matches with your friends. Take a watch of FIFA 19 below.


  1. ufff i really was into it buy a fifa game since snes.
    but this one looks shabby… is like a ps2 game.
    international soccer deluxe looks almost bether…


  2. People defending EA because they put one of their biggest international games on the Switch. You people make me sick! D:< lol


      1. Oh… It went through. What a legitimate shocker! Did WordPress fix some of it’s stupid “awaiting moderation” blocking certain words that are actually okay to use in polite society?


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