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US: Little Dragons Cafe Available On Nintendo Switch

The sure-to-be-charming Little Dragons Cafe is available right now in North America on the Nintendo Switch. The game is headed by Yasuhiro Wada, who is the creator of the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons series. If you are not sure whether to purchase it then feel free to read all the details below.

Manage your café, explore the world, and raise your very own dragon in this completely unique and heartwarming game. The story opens with a twin brother and sister learning to cook and manage a small café under their mother’s tutelage. All was peaceful and routine until one morning when the twins discover that their mother has fallen into a deep sleep and won’t wake up. Suddenly, a strange old man appears to inform them that they must raise a dragon in order to save her. Working together with three quirky café employees, the two siblings must figure out how to a wrangle a dragon and manage the family business while finding a way to save their mother.

Work on training your dragon with the Little Dragons Café promo app that brings your dragon into your reality. Once you have downloaded the app, scan the package front and watch what happens! Get a preview of the game and watch for more fun to come in the next few days. The Augmented Reality app is available now from the App Store or Google Play.

In Little Dragons Café, players can choose to play as either sibling Ren or Rin. The story-driven gameplay features a balance of three elements:

Manage your café – Run your own café by preparing tasty dishes, serving your customers, and managing a colorful cast of eccentric staff and visitors.

Explore the world – Discover an entirely new world filled with wildlife, secrets, and dangers while collecting ingredients and recipes to enhance your café menu.

Raise a Dragon – Care for and train your very own dragon as he grows from baby to adult. Explore, hunt, and uncover new areas with your faithful companion.

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