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Japan: Dragon Quest Builders 2 For Nintendo Switch Coming 20th December

The long-awaited sequel to the entertainingly creative Dragon Quest Builders, which is simply titled Dragon Quest Builders 2, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 20th of December in Japan. The sequel offers 4-player co-op online and local. More information on the title by Square Enix should be shared soon.



      1. Thanks for the suggestion! I downloaded the demo of the first one a while back, but I was pretty bogged down by my backlog at the time so I didn’t really have time to really get into it… I might do that later. I was mainly wondering if the story in the first was prevalent enough to get it, or if it was understated enough that the second one will basically be the first with more stuff.

  1. I really wish there was a 1080p30 option. This isn’t an action paction game and 720p60 looks a little blurry in docked mode.

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