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US: Nintendo Launches Interactive Nintendo Labo Workshops For Kids Across The Country

Nintendo Labo allows fans of all ages to make, play and discover with its interactive DIY cardboard kits that come to life and open up a variety of different games with the power of the Nintendo Switch system. But for kids that love creating things, Nintendo Labo means something even more. It gives them the opportunity to use skills not normally associated with video games to build amazing creations that are part imagination, part ingenuity.

To give some of Nintendo’s younger fans a safe, family-friendly space to experiment with Nintendo Labo, Nintendo is hosting a series of workshops all across the country that encourage kids to let their DIY talents run wild.

Starting in September, the hourlong workshops offer interactive activities using the Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit, as well as on-site “lab assistants,” experts in white lab coats and fun colored shirts who will help attendees learn the ins and outs of Nintendo Labo. Admission is free of charge, and kids between 9 and 12 years old are encouraged to attend. The workshops are great opportunities for kids to make long-lasting memories spending time with one of Nintendo’s newest experiences.

The workshops will visit the following areas:

Phoenix, Arizona Knoxville, Tennessee
Orange County, California Minneapolis, Minnesota
Baltimore, Maryland Charlotte, North Carolina
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Savannah, Georgia
Denver, Colorado Seattle, Washington

Families can register their kids and learn more about the workshops by visiting

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4 thoughts on “US: Nintendo Launches Interactive Nintendo Labo Workshops For Kids Across The Country”

  1. 10 locations across the whole of the US is hardly impressive. Just give up Nintendo, this is pitiful and Labo has been a flop. Put it in the bin alongside the likes of Virtual Boy.

    1. I’d beg to differ. 1million sold with a decent userbase… It’s not a runaway hit but it’s done well enough to justify continuous support.

      Evidently, it will find more use in the educational space. I’m pretty impressed with how Nintendo have continued to support it.

  2. Oh man, I just KNOW that eventually Labo will have a VR kit. Wouldn’t that be awesome, with a joy-con in each hand and the screen in a cardboard headset? Do you hear me, Nintendo?

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