Nintendo Switch

Gato Roboto Coming To Nintendo Switch

Devolver Digital has recently announced that a unique CatMechtroidvania game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game is titled Gato Roboto and while it may seem odd it has a lovely black and white art-style that certainly looks interesting. Take a look at the newly announced game down below.



  1. Yawwwwnnnn another boring indie game for a boring indie console 💤 REALLY…… no AAA games lmao…..what a SHAME…. Poor Nintendogs lol


      1. No he’s doomed. Which reminds me I’m gona go play doom and I can’t wait to play doom eternal. Pretty class games if u ask me which I’m going to play on my SWITCH.


  2. Even though I know “gato” is the spanish/portuguese word for cat, somehow I can’t shake off the feeling this game is some sort of tribute to Chrono Trigger.

    “They call me Gato”


  3. I must say, other than the graphics, I really like what I see. The jumping out of the suit in order to navigate small areas is a nice mechanic.


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