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Suda51 Jokes That He Delayed Travis Strikes Again So They Didn’t Hurt Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sales

The release date for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was announced yesterday and it came as a surprise to some that it is now being released early 2019. The ever amusing Suda51 was asked by Destructoid why he had pushed the release date back and Suda51 jokingly replied that he didn’t want to damage the sales of Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is coming in December.

“So, as you know, Super Smash Bros. is coming out in December. I’d feel really bad about impacting their sales negatively. I’ll give them a break and move it over into next year.”

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29 thoughts on “Suda51 Jokes That He Delayed Travis Strikes Again So They Didn’t Hurt Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sales”

  1. Yawwwwnnnn another mediocre indie game from a mediocre developer,for a mediocre console….expect mediocre sales and mediocre reviews….lol Nintendo and thier Mediocre fans lmao

    Glad I own a Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X

      1. You see why I dont play on Nintendo consoles….they make you say stupid dumb stuff… Thinking they facts…..if Wii U 2.0 is coming close to Ps4 sales then the Wii U was a success and Nintendo makes the most graphically advanced consoles Ever lol

    1. Have you played the 1st two games? they are amazing and was actually published by Ubisoft and tbh two of the best games on the Nintendo Wii and got remade on Sony and Microsoft consoles. Travis might bde underrated but his 1st two adventures are great

      1. Wiggling my penis around pretending its a SWORD isnt my way of fun or entertainment… Is that’s fun for u…then…u into really bizzare fetishes

    1. Sad that you have nothing better to do with your life than to come to your “opponents” message boards to try to trigger someone, when in fact all you’re doing is showing your own ignorance and lack of intelligence

    2. +Aeolus
      The sooner this website bans you the better. I feel so bad for the page space that has to be wasted on your mindless dribble.

    1. I love the experimental direction he’s going with the series. Clearly they do not have the budget to compete with big scale hack n slash titles like Bayonetta so he’s choosing this alternative route to keep Travis alive.

  2. … did he delay the game BECAUSE Travis actually made it in as a smash character and if smash comes out first more people will see the character and be interested in the new game?

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