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Williams Bally Pinball Library Coming To Pinball FX 3

Zen Studios has good news to share with pinball fans this month as they have announced that the Williams Bally Pinball Library will feature in Pinball FX 3. Zen Studios has shared the news in a tweet and there’s also a video to accompany the announcement.

2 thoughts on “Williams Bally Pinball Library Coming To Pinball FX 3”

  1. Last Action Hero, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Jack-Bot… Those were some of the few games I still have on The Pinball Arcade on my PS4 Pro before Williams and Farsight Studios part ways. Now that the Williams / Bally Collection is coming to Pinball FX3 for my Nintendo Switch (and other platforms), I simply cannot wait to play ’em once again… this time… at home and on the go!

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