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Nintendo Switch Online: Play Online Co-op As Mario And Luigi In Original Mario Bros. Game

Nintendo of America has revealed that when the paid Nintendo Switch Online service launches at the end of this month one of the games you will be able to download is the classic Mario Bros. The main draw with the Nintendo Switch Online title is the fact that you will be able to play online co-op as either Mario or Luigi in the retro title. We are still awaiting a date when Nintendo Switch Online will go live, but as it the service is due to go live at the end of the month, we shouldn’t not have to wait too long.

46 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online: Play Online Co-op As Mario And Luigi In Original Mario Bros. Game”

  1. I appreciate them adding value to the games that they try to resell us every generation. I liked the 3D classics on the 3DS for the same reason, but they didn’t make many.

  2. I’m reckoning it’ll go live after a direct, if there’s one anytime soon.
    Hopefully it won’t be all about smash bros and Pokemon

    1. Pretty much the main reason smash had a direct in August so it wouldn’t take the spotlight of all the other games being revealed Pokémon directs usually take place in February so I don’t really see that happening

  3. Anyone know how the pricing and plans will work? For instance it says 19.99 for individual or like 35 for family… so if My wife and I play Mario Kart 8 split screen, will that even work? Or will we need the family plan? Ay, this lack of info is starting to stress me out lol.

    1. If you brought the faimly pack it will cover most of the accounts connect to the switch account, you and your wife playing spiltscreen Mario kart would work that’s multiplayer, I think you mean online playing with each other depends if you have two separate switches, but I agree they said they would reveal more but we haven’t heard or gotten anything new tbh

      1. I was trying to get away with just paying the $20 lol. We basically just play Mario Kart together. I fly solo on all other games and if she ever plays splatoon she just uses my account. Hopefully they clear all the smoke soon though as it’s become a hot topic in our household all in the name of Mario Kart 😋

    2. I’m assuming you mean split screen both using the same switch on the tv which would mean u only need one plan for that console, or unless your able to do split screen on your tv with 2 switches if you know what I mean which would mean separate plans????

      1. Yeah we use the same Switch and do split screen but she uses her account that’s also on the Nintendo network. Hopefully it’ll work the same as long as I’m the master account being used cuz if not then I’ll have to pay $35 basically just for one game as Mario Kart is all she played online lol.

    3. You mean you play split screen online using two different accounts, correct? I’m also curious how they would handle this, though it seems likely that they’d allow it so long as the account running the game is paying.

      1. Yeah like I’ll use my account since it has everything unlocked and we’ll 2 players online but, she’s using her Mii thus tying in her account so every coin she collected went toward unlocking karts when she played under her account. Since she’s technically playing her account, I was wondering if it would be affected if say I only payed the $20 for my account (since all she really plays online in her account is Mario Kart.

    4. Games that offer split-screen online (i.e. Mario Kart 8, Mario Tennis Aces and presumably Super Smash Brothers Ultimate) only requires the account that you launched the game with to have a subscription.

      But, if you and your wife both play online on separate accounts, at separate times, then you will need two Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions (alternatively, a Family Subscrition).

    5. From what I understand, if you have multiple accounts on your Switch, you’d NEED to buy the family plan as the 20 dollar one only effects the account that is paying for it. Basically, it’s not like on PS4 where only one account needs PS+ for every account to get online. When you take these things into account, Nintendo is practically charging you a premium to let everyone on the Switch with an account use online. (And people say PS+ is a rip off… lol Give it time and Nintendo will show these people what a real rip off is. Honestly, I’m scared that we’ll be paying for online on Nintendo systems while still using the same shitty system as previous systems: peer-to-peer connections and no server system for online games. I hope I’m wrong but at only 20 bucks, I’m expecting the worst. Smash Ultimate is gonna be the ultimate test to see if we’re still getting the same system or getting a server system for online play.)

      1. We’ll see hopefully it’ll be more clear after tomorrow’s Direct. Besides even if I have to pay the $35.00 it’s stll almost half the cost of PS Plus, but you are right, if the experience is the same as it was before on the servers side then I won’t understand why we had to pay at all lol. I will say I spend more time online on Switch due to Splatoon and Mario Kart with the occasional Arms and Fortnite so $35 won’t kill me. (Still trying to get away with $20 though 😋)

        1. 20, 35, and even 60 bucks isn’t all that much considering it’s only a “once a year” payment, so I always find it funny people get upset by it. If you can’t afford 60 bucks once a year, I think you got bigger problems to worry about than paying for online.

  4. It’s a neat idea, but I don’t know if the co-op makes this game fresh enough for a replay.

    At least it is free with the subscription service! That’s good.

  5. I really don’t Care for NES games and I’m already hating this thing. WHERE IS my Virtual Console? My Snes, N64, GBA and maybe GCN games Nintendo? This is sooooo boring

    1. In a perfect world, Nintendo has given up on selling us the same games over and over and has plans on this turning into the Netflix of their back catalog. They’ve realized the power of these old games in driving system sales with a simple subscription service and plan on building a huge library of games with online multiplayer added. This would combat emulation by offering a service better than what emulation provides (simple online play) and drive up their install base for their new releases.

      But things are never perfect when it comes to Nintendo’s business decisions.

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