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The Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Enable Voice Chat With The Switch Online App During NES Game Play Sessions

Nintendo’s Switch Online service launches next month, and it has raised a lot of questions. Unfortunately, the latest news we have to share with you isn’t going to help with that. You see, Nintendo’s official site for the online service still hasn’t confirmed what the remaining 10 NES titles are. However, we now know that players will be able to use voice chat with the classic titles. The catch is that this can only be done with the Nintendo Switch Online app. Here’s what Nintendo said:

With online play added to every classic game, you can compete (or cooperate) online with friends, share your screen, or pass the controller, depending on the game. With the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, you can also voice chat during your play sessions.


53 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Enable Voice Chat With The Switch Online App During NES Game Play Sessions”

    1. I’ll stick to PC gaming for Multiplayer and single player for Nintendo. Sad for those who only own Nintendo, since it’s just Wii U 2, notice how long you have to wait again for something serious after Mario and Zelda ?

      They are done, the best software is out, they got nothing anymore for the next 5 years.
      Metriod will be a disappointment and such weak hardware. Gonna look like a Wii Game in 900P res.

      And Pokemon and smash are the same boring shit for stoners who wanna pay 50 again for the same gameplay you can already play on Wii , Wii U and 3DS. It’s the same.

      IB4 Triggered replies, don’t bother I care less kid.

      1. It’s the PC master race again telling us peons that our console of choice sucks. You can have your PC, I’ll stick to my Switch thank you very much.

        BTW, when are you coming out of mommy’s basement for some sunlight?

        1. I mean beneficial as in working together in coop? I can think of a few. Chip and Dale, Gauntlet, River City Ransom, Guerilla War, Ice Climbers, Jackal, TMNT, etc. There’s some fun ones like Spy VS Spy, Blades of Steel, Tecmo Bowl, and such that I’m sure people would enjoy more talking trash. Especially if you were loading it up to play with a sibling or childhood friend that you used to play these things with.

  1. If that app is definitely here to stay as a fucking requirement instead of a supplement, I will assume there are quite a few asshats using the stupid app for voice chat & giving Nintendo the thinking that their idea was a good one. Just use Skype or Discord or something else that isn’t tied to a smartphone. Nintendo needs to see from a majority of Switch owners that the forced app is bullshit & should stop being shoved down people’s throats. Sadly, it’s not gonna happen because some people are stupid.

      1. Dunno man last i check i didn’t need to have skype or discord to talk to my ps4 or xbox one friends i can simply make a party chat on the console itself.

      2. Except you aren’t having voice chat shoved down your throat since it’s ALWAYS optional as you can turn in-game voice chat off in games or even mute certain nuisances. So I’m sorry to say this but you’re a special kind of stupid if you think in-game voice chat is being shoved down your throat. If anything, people that don’t want to use a stupid app are having said app forced down their throats if they want to use voice chat but don’t want to use Skype or Discord. But hey! If you want to play the victim when you are more than capable of turning off in-game voice chat in settings, that’s not my imaginary problem.

        And the difference between Skype & Discord is that you can actually use them on a PC, too, which is something I have; I don’t like smart phones, don’t need one, don’t want one, & shouldn’t have to buy one just to use something that should be on the damn system itself on the damn games themselves.) Maybe if their stupid little forced app was on PC, too, I’d not have such a big issue with it. (I’d still have an issue with the app as it should be OPTIONAL, not a requirement.)

      3. And I pity the two that liked your comment. Especially felixgray. I thought he was intelligent enough to not agree with someone actually defending Nintendo’s stupid app. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Some people can be smart with some things while stupid with others. (I should know since I have my stupid moments, too.)

  2. Why is Nintendo so stubborn no one wants to use the app for voice chat. Even fortnite has normal voice chat

  3. Groundbreaking news for online play

    nintendo says switch online will not have voice chat or anyway to message your friends good job

  4. Just change the chat method to only requiring the Switch with a (bluetooth) headset and I’ll be perfectly fine with this.
    Seriously, why do we need to plug a headset to both the Switch AND our Smartphone at once!?

  5. See? They know how toxic and idiotic people behave when voice chat is a thing, so they force it on something so stupid to make sure no one wants to use it.

  6. It baffles me that they still haven’t implemented system features as simple as a messaging system and built in social applications, but at this point i’m not surprised, we are still using friend codes and have to pay for backing up save data. This console lacks more features than the Wii, Wii U and 3DS combined, Nintendo has the money to invest in making a better OS.

    1. My wife, for whatever reason, is pro level Dr. Mario. She likes nothing more than to trounce me on it on our arcade. She gets mean.

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