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Nintendo Switch Rainway App “Not In Active Development”

The developers behind the intriguing Rainway application has announced that it is not in active development for the Nintendo Switch platform. The team says this is because they have not received approval from Nintendo to continue the project. Once Nintendo is onboard then development will presumably resume.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Rainway App “Not In Active Development””

  1. I was rooting for this but the problem is you can use these things to stream emulators from your desktop. Nintendo was never going to let that happen.

  2. Knew this was going to happen, but honestly, not disappointed. You can’t take the games outside of your home. If you’re going to play PC games, why not sit in front of your rig anyway.

    1. So to give you an idea of the appeal, I have my gaming PC setup in the basement in a fun little game room that I built with an arcade mame machine and my PC dedicated to couch co-op and retro games. Right now, I’m sitting at my desk typing this on that PC which is streaming up to a cheap little Steam Link (you can get these things for dirt on sale now). Last night I was playing Monster Hunter World up here with friends, streamed beautifully.

      Then, I have my Shield Tablet, which for years has been able to plug into any TV in the house and stream games in the same way, and the Shield controllers are great. I bought myself a 3D printed claw attachment that was custom made to fit the tablet onto the controller in a comfortable, over the hands sort of way, which makes for a great handheld experience.
      I was streaming all sorts of full blown PC games to handheld, like Fallout 4, Skyrim, etc three years before the Switch.

      Finally, so long as I’m somewhere with at least 30mb/s and a 5ghz router, I could play my games away from home just fine. But that is a tall order outside of visiting friends and family. Any sort of public Wi-Fi wouldn’t meet those requirements.

    1. Neat piece of tech, I remember looking into the first one, but that’s a big price point for a lot of folk and importing can be a hassle.

  3. Allowing gamers freedom on their Switch to play their PC games with mods & emulated games? That’s something the control freak that is Nintendo will not allow. Hey! Maybe you guys can ask Nintendo to allow mods for Skyrim on Switch? lol (Joke’s on me if they by some miracle allow these things at some point but considering they are doing everything they can to keep the dying Wii U & n3DS from using stuff like Homebrew, I don’t see it happening for quite some time (if I’m being generous) or even at all (the more likely scenario.) Least not for Switch.

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