Rainway Is Now In Open Beta

Innovative streaming application Rainway is now in open beta. The news was revealed today on the official site and many of you who had signed up for alerts have probably had an email informing you of this. This beta is primarily for PC right now, so the Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem supported as of yet. It is encouraging that progress is being made. You can check out the official site here.



    1. That’s not true, you’ll find video played back by browser means in the OS, news updates and eShop already – not to mention video playback in the Nico Douga app – and cutscenes in at least a hundred games.
      What is not supported on the Switch yet however is a certain kind of encryption, one integral to the workings of services like Netflix. That is apparently the primary reason we don’t have those video streaming services yet.

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    1. Why when they have a PC to do it anyway which is required to stream but also redundant since they can do it on the PC right now. lol This concept is already a dumbass waste of time.


      1. Then just port the goddamn games and what would happen if certain key games they’ll use Raindrop to play through gets ported over? It’s a DOA app especially if you already have the PC to run/stream the same games which makes no sense to get said app for the Switch. Just buy a Switch Pro controller for Steam (it’s works, I tried and still play with it) and you’re good to go.


      2. But for Bethseda? lol We got 3 big games from them in under a year and still no one bitched about it. The thing is this: Activision and they’re another dumbass third party ignoring Switch’s golden egg opportunity to make good business with it’s hype and record breaking sales.


      3. Bethesda forces worked with Panic Button for porting those games on the Switch but the amount of time for porting it it’s really high.
        Blizzard requires years for port a game to a console and they probably ignore the Switch because they don’t see it as a powerful machine just like PCs.

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      4. And they think PS4/XB1 are? lmao That’s very funny considering they never held their 1080p/60FPS promise ONCE until they got the slightly updated versions in less than a year for both. lol No matter what console or brand, NONE of them will ever match the PC or come close and that’s fact.


      5. It’s useless to compare a PC game version vs console version. If you are a PC gamer and want to play games sitted on a chair with high settings then play it on the PC. If you don’t care about graphics, fps amd other things but you just want to play the game then play it on a console

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      6. Strange thing is, you have A LOT of idiots buying consoles solely for looks and frames but conveniently forgets that luxury goes to PC. lol


      7. …ask for a port? Why would anyone do that for a competitive game like Overwatch? Or an old game like Half-Life or Portal? It’s best to play those games on PC and on-the-go if you have the choice to. It’s not redundant, you just obviously don’t play any games on PC to know the reason.

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      8. I do play on the PC and that’s the reason. Why stream on one system when you need and play it on the PC? That’s only suitable for outside access if accessible but you have to take internet speed, range and secondary stream device into account plus, what would happen if said PC isn’t connected at home or have power and you’re outside wanting to play it on a second device? What then? Inconveniences is too great for this. Just port the games or stick with it on one platform.


  1. has anyone been able to get this to work on your laptop or phone? It won’t take me past the login screen on pc and I can’t even open it on my phone. Is the beta pc only? That’s lame af in that case.

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