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“Totaku Collection” Amiibo-Like Figures For Sony Franchises Announced

Sony branded amiibo style figures which are called the “Totaku Collection” have been revealed online. The figures aren’t interactive like amiibo but they do look similar. They feature characters from core Sony franchise like God of War, Bloodbourne and Crash Bandicoot. You can take a look at some of the figures below.

  • 10cm Highly Detailed Figurines
  • Series numbered – collect them all
  • Non-Articulated Fixed Base
  • Multiple Ways to Display


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    1. To show off what Nintendo fans can’t have, even though you can still buy the physical figures.

      That said, this seems to kill any possible chance of Crash N. Sane Trilogy coming to the Switch. Well, let’s just hope that the indie developers come out with more decent 3D platformers after Super Mario Odyssey.


      1. This game it isn’t announce for the Switch and I don’t think it will sell well because people already bought it on ps4


      2. I understand you want the game on the Switch but nothing was confirmed for it. Even if it will come, the game doesn’t take my attention since it’s just a remastered of the game that I played 20 years ago


      3. Personally, the game it’s fun but it will be putted in the shadow if it will be ported on the Switch. On the Switch there are some new games that are much more fun than Crash.

        Crash is dead since Naughty Dog worked on new IPs


      4. Maybe I didn’t explain well what I mean.
        Yes Crash is a 3D platformer but the game it’s the same of the 3 games of 20 years ago where people played it so many times.
        I know many people bought it but it’s the same game which is boring this days to play the same games with only HD or 4K graphics


  1. Cool figures. Leave it to SONY to copycat Nintendo. Lol, & don’t give me that “They’re not copying off Nintendo” garbage either. Usually whatever Nintendo does- Sony isn’t too far behind.
    Not that I’m complaining. I’d collect these cool Sony flagship mascots whether Amiibos existed or not.

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  2. That’s pretty cool. I wonder how long before Sony cans the production, but in the meantime, I have no problem putting these with my amiibo.


    1. Sony’s Labo will be made of reinforced steel sheets you have to wield together and they’ll insist the next-gen materials make it more fun.
      You can’t copy/paste heart.

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  3. The design for Amiibo, a figure on a base, is nothing new. Amiibo aren’t anything original by any means. The only unique aspect is that the chips work among multiple games and platforms rather than in a single series. These are just some figures and honestly I’ma have to get the front row to go in my living room right along with my Amiibo. Come to me Sackboy, PaRappa and Crash!


      1. That’s not the point. Don’t create a Nintendo fan news site and every so often promote Sony products. Samsung might as well start promoting Sony or Vizio products. Just doesn’t make sense or in this website best interest.

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    1. Not really since Activision did it first with Skylanders. Nintendo simply made theirs work with all games, not just ones in a particular series. Nintendo wishes they did it first.

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  4. Just figures. The design box is similar to the Amiibo box, but they aren’t amiibos. Also that Crash figure is ugly


  5. I love people saying that these are copying amiibo, like Nintendo came up with the first idea of a collectible figure.

    I’ve already preordered all of these. Silly? Maybe, but I’ve been wanting a PlayStation line since Skylanders were a thing. Affordable, nicely done figures of my favorite games? Yes please!


  6. Apparently some people didn’t read past the article’s title. If they did, they’d realize the name was clickbait & that these aren’t a knock off of amiibo at all. Of course, it’s not like Nintendo did it first since they merely copied Activision. They just took it a step further & made theirs work with all games, not just one particular franchise.


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